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Mode: Deposit & buy £100 of Bitcoin and get £20 bitcoin as a bonus 24 hours later. Withdraw instantly (seconds) to your bank although you need £50 of bitcoin in there to withdraw it. To a lot of people Bitcoin can be confusing & there’s a lot of jargon.. but not with this Bitcoin referral. It’s the easiest Bitcoin referral I’ve done (and I’ve done quite a lot!). The sign up process is really straight forward and it works through “open banking” which is safe and allows you to deposit the £100 with just touching your thumbprint on your phone with extra security. As soon as you withdraw the £100 + £20 bonus, you’ll get all this money in your bank account instantly - seconds later! In short, it’s a very “beginner friendly” Bitcoin referral without all the faff and hassle of a long, convoluted sign up process! Let me know if you need help!

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