Get 500 Gold!

@Seattleite + Honey

Refer 2 friends for $10 in Honey Gold, redeemable for gift cards at the most popular stores. Whenever a friend you refer earns Gold on their first purchase, you'll see a "referral" transaction pending in your account! When your friend's Gold posts to their account (usually after 60 days) then your referral will post as well, and you'll have 500 Gold from Honey as a “Thank You”!

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hey i picked your code. I just wanted to say you were the only one who didnt do a copy and paste and i love that. I also have a referral page one of all my links then one with like instant pay outs. if youd like to check me out its @kelkelxxx i also pay for sign ups like acorns $60 upfront after i check with chat support . I also pay half of whatever the app pays if you sign up to me and you message me! 😊 happy referring check me out and see if i have anything you dont have. Have a Great day!!

3 years ago


nvm tried to delete this after i seen you did copy and paste. lol my bad thought you were original

3 years ago

Felix is smart! 😏

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