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H&R Block referral codes and program details
H&R Block

FREE WALK-THROUGH GUIDED FILE FOR BASIC FEDERAL & STATE FILE My REFERRAL CODE: hidden-url After the person you referred finishes their tax return or bookkeeping service, you’ll get an email to claim your reward within 30-45 days. Redeem Choose from 100+ retailers like Amazon®, Airbnb®, Lowe’s®, or get a Mastercard cash card. Earn up to $20 per referral, up to $300 total.

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Papa Pals referral codes and program details
Papa Pals

Complete ONE VISIT WITHIN FIRST 30 DAYS OF SIGNUP AND GET A 50$ BONUS! (They give plenty of other bonuses in the app too including big last min visit bonuses! *pro tip* REFERRAL CODE! : hidden-url HEATHERM2964 LOVE FAM!

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Survey Merchandiser referral codes and program details
Survey Merchandiser

Earn real money by completing small projects in local stores. Work when and where you want, free to sign up. In store, on demand. Retail intelligence & merchandising services. Survey.com ensures that your retail strategies are being properly executed at all times and in all stores.

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Fetch referral codes and program details

Turn your grocery receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. It’s super easy. Just click the link below and you’ll get $2 in points when you snap your first receipt. hidden-url *CAN USE ANY RECEIPT!!!* (more points awarded for special offers, one of the best receipt reward programs out there!!!) Free Product Offers back in points. Easy to cash out. Great app. PYYQ4

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Wag referral codes and program details

Use my referral link to sign up and we both get 20$ in credit! Appreciate you fam! hidden-url

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Wonolo referral codes and program details

Wonolo is a good place to find on demand work, but they don't have a lot of jobs everywhere all the time so it's nothing to depend on necessarily, but definitely good to check sometimes they have projects a few weeks long, or areas with better, more consistent work. Overall not a bad app. They have a lot of perks for their contractors considering it's a sub/freelance app. Join using my referral code: HEATHER1221 Here's the link again also: hidden-url

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GoPuff referral codes and program details

10$ ACROSS 10 ORDER 100$ BONUS UNTIL JAN 31ST! 100$ FOR YOU AND ME!!!! COMONLETSGO I love GoPuff they have great deals all the time and make sure you spin the daily wheel and get points so when you order you have a bunch of free stuff or credits you can get also. hidden-url

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Receipt Hog referral codes and program details
Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog pays you to upload receipts, take surveys, and more! You can cash out directly to Paypal and bank accounts (Paypal in my experience is the fastest)! Within 3 days, sometimes less you get your cash out. I get a lot of rewards on this app! The 20$ cash out is the best deal. Pro tips! Download and enter code: SNUFT779 hidden-url Make sure you enter the code to get your bonus! Enjoy fam!

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Veggie Grill referral codes and program details
Veggie Grill

All vegan plant based food, extremely healthy, great environment to sit down and eat, have lunch, ect. Great staff. Food never disappoints, extremely reasonable prices for vegan, food is prepared quickly!

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

Hey! I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and we’ll each get $5. MRM99KD hidden-url Send 5$ get 5$ sign up with someone send them 5$ and they send 5$ back to you. You get 10$ they get 5$ without spending any money! Smartest way to do it.

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Albert referral codes and program details

Get small loans from Albert up to $250 once you establish your account. If you set up an account for Direct Deposit and use your debit card within the first 90days you will receive 100$ bonus deposited into your account. Use my referral link here: hidden-url Albert lets you borrow small amounts like Chime and Dave do if you set up an account. It also has personalized Boosts like cash app and they are usually more when you have direct deposit set up. They do have quite a few 10-20-15% OFF BOOSTS they do and that makes this card worth using for sure. This card is also accepted at hotels and such for deposits.

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Current referral codes and program details

Hey! We'll both earn $50 when you join Current and receive a qualifying Direct Deposit. Just use my link: hidden-url or my Code: CORJZS722 When you sign up! Earn Crypto with Bonuses and Savings Pods have Automatic 4%APY not bad for a prepaid app! Have lots of Crypto engagement if you're into that you'll like this as a secondary payment app. This card can be used for deposits at hotels ect. isn't considered "pre-paid" at least yet! 😊 I have been able to use this when they didn't let me use a lot of other ones.

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Yotta Saving referral codes and program details
Yotta Saving

500 tickets for both of us Yotta gives random free purchases and I have gotten at least 3 since I've started using it in 6 months and gotten prizes on drawings, equaling over 50$ in gifts in less than 6 months of using the app. I definitely use this one in conjunction with my other pay apps so I get the rewards. I also got a 25$ gift card for being part of their client panel, they're actively working on bettering their app and rewards, but the free purchases with the rewards part and tickets with all purchases towards lottery drawings and seeing actually winning several times, seems pretty awesome and legit.

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Uber Eats referral codes and program details
Uber Eats

Combine with other restaurant discounts and get a way better deal. 😉 Use CashApp to pay usually has additional % off Paypal is 2% also check your apps a lot of apps have Uber discounts/boots

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Make Money referral codes and program details
Make Money

I use an app called MAKE MONEY, which gives cash for completing offers, but also playing games!! You’re basically beta testing games and getting paid for it! Most are easy goals like reach level 10 but if they’re bigger ones they pay big too! Always get your free check in coins those add up!! Bonus tasks are the ones to do they’re always triple double or more! Feel free to ask for tips and follow instructions correctly for points. They’re bad about fixing them if you mess it up 🌱🖖👍💚💚 Ask questions if need some help! Try it! Enter the code KQ2BLD to get Free Credit. Get it here www.makemoney.tech/app

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bareMinerals referral codes and program details

Mineral makeup, natural makeup and skincare. bareMinerals, founded 1976, creates cosmetic products that are powered by nourishing, skin-loving minerals.

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Robinhood referral codes and program details

Microsoft, Visa, Johnson & Johnson You have a 1 in 250 chance of getting stock in one of these companies each time a friend signs up and links their bank account. GE, Kinder Morgan, Ford Motor You have a 1 in 30 chance of getting stock in one of these companies each time a friend signs up and links their bank account. 1 Invite Friends Share your referral link on Twitter and get friends to sign up for Robinhood. 2 Get Free Stock Once your friends sign up and link their bank account, you’ll both get a free stock when their application is approved. 3 Track Referrals Remind your friends to sign up so you don’t miss out on getting free stock. *****Add on coinout for 10$ bonus on badges*****

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Shopkick referral codes and program details

Try Shopkick and we'll both get points toward a free gift card! 😀 Use code KICK544335 or download hidden-url

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Sofi Invest referral codes and program details
Sofi Invest

Hi! 👋 Join me to start earning more money with SoFi Checking and Savings. You’ll earn up to 3.75% APY and pay no account fees. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get a $25 bonus and up to $250 when you set up direct deposit. hidden-url

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Snaptravel referral codes and program details

Check out this hotel deal I found on Snaptravel! Use my referral code 29R00W to save an additional 10% off! hidden-url You get 10% off and everyone you refer you get an additional 10% off per person. Save tons of money! They have some of the best deals I’ve seen comparable. They have a SuperCash Card that gives you additional discounts on their platform if you use it to pay.

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Observa referral codes and program details

Referral Code: worm-mushy Referral Link: hidden-url You can share this link with your friends who are not yet signed up as observers. When they successfully sign up and complete observations, you can earn extra money.

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SoFi Personal Loan referral codes and program details
SoFi Personal Loan

As a SoFi member, you’re now eligible for our referral program. And it’s pretty great (if we do say so ourselves). When you successfully refer friends, family, and/or colleagues to SoFi, they’ll get $300 and you’ll get $300. Every time. The easiest way to get started is by sharing your personalized link with your friends and fam who need to refinance their student loans, parent PLUS loans, or take out a personal loan. Your Invite Link hidden-url To receive the referral bonuses, each person referred has to use your link to register for their SoFi account. Check out our Official Rules and FAQs for more details. And keep track of all referrals right in the Referral Program section of your SoFi account. Keep saving and start sharing.

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Premise referral codes and program details

Hello! I earn money for photos and research with Premise. You can download the app and start today! hidden-url

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Drop referral codes and program details

✨ I’m inviting you to join Drop, the free app that’s giving away millions in cash rewards every day! Use my code 466ac to get $5 Earn 1000 points through surveys, games, and cash back to receive credit! (Do surveys & games, no required purchase!) hidden-url Take surveys or play games to earn points in addition to cash back. Excellent point rewards program!

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Freebird referral codes and program details

Get rewarded for going out! Get $10 when you take 2 rides using Freebird! Download the app hidden-url and enter my promo code w2baf before you take your first ride! Honesty always! Much love 💗

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Befrugal referral codes and program details

Similar to Rakuten Cash back shopping online. Receive welcome bonus 10$ after first purchase through the app. I also receive a 10$ bonus when you sign up! Not bad! Referral Link: hidden-url

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Doordash referral codes and program details

Doordash offers door to door food delivery service in over 300 cities. Doordash is working to offer as many delivery options as possible in as many cities as possible. They offer a quick and affordable option for those looking to dine-in with food that cannot offer their own delivery service.

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GrubHub referral codes and program details

Invite a friend and you’ll both get 10$ off when they place their first order!

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Ibotta referral codes and program details

Hey! Thought you'd like to try Ibotta, a cash back rewards app that I use to make real money every time I shop for groceries, online purchases, and more! Just use my referral code "cpdsuhc" at registration. Sign up at → hidden-url Encourage Teamwork! The more teams work together, the more you earn, creating real value for your readers. Encourage them to join your team so they get instant value. Be Social! Share your Tracking Link and your favorite new Ibotta deals on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to help refer new readers.

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Postmates referral codes and program details

Want $100 in delivery fee credit? Sign up with code KEVLS or just tap this link! (Terms apply.) hidden-url Support NPOs!

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Lyft referral codes and program details

Lyft is a ride-sharing app in the United States. Request a car with the tap of a button and get picked up by a nearby driver who’ll take you to your destination right away.

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MoneyLion referral codes and program details

MoneyLion's personal loans and easy-to-use tools help you borrow for less while saving more, improve your financial health, and monitor your credit all in one place.

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Gabi referral codes and program details

Gabi is an online insurance broker and agent. You get the cheapest car insurance, and they compare rates to your current insurance company.

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7 Eleven referral codes and program details
7 Eleven

Hi! Sign up and verify your phone number in 7-Eleven app. Receive 1000 points to get free drinks & snacks. Use code vv50ez

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Dosh referral codes and program details

10$ for each friend who signs up with referral code, connects card, and makes purchase with Dosh Merchant.

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ReceiptPal referral codes and program details

I'm using ReceiptPal to earn great rewards for my receipts and thought you might like to do the same. Use my link to download the app and start earning rewards! You'll get me bonus points too!

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Clickworker referral codes and program details

I've found Clickworker. It's an app where you earn money on the side with surveys, app tests, taking pics or short videos, etc. I think it´s something you'd be into as well. Check it out. Registration is free.

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Rakuten referral codes and program details

Have you signed up with Rakuten yet? It’s the best site for earning Cash Back. Get a $10 bonus when you sign up with my invite link and spend $25. It’s free! 🤩 hidden-url

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Aspiration referral codes and program details

Join me on Aspiration- a financial firm with a conscience! Sign up with my link and Aspiration will plant 25 trees! When you spend $250 we will both get $50 cash! Terms and conditions apply.

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CoinOut referral codes and program details

CoinOut analyzes your transactions to show you more relevant offers and opportunities to earn more cash.

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Field Agent referral codes and program details
Field Agent

Field Agent lets you try free food, products, and make an extra 10$ give or take while you're shopping in the store. If you're looking to try free products, or make a little extra money product auditing this is a cool app. I've made quite a bit of passive income this way.

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