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@Kaypur + Fire Faucet

So it Says I get 20% of some of your activity. Unsure what your reward is. Tbh...feel free to tell me what you get so I can update here. But it's title is absolutely warranted. I myself have mined $1.40 in just a cpl hours....they give you roughly 8 different currencies for withdrawal. All of which are the main ones you know of. BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB, TRON, DASH, USDT, NANO, MONERO, ZCASH, and DIGIBYTE. normal accounts are capped at $10 withdrawal daily. Premium accounts are purchasable using funds you make there and cost about 25 cents for 3 days I THINK is what I saw. I have tried it...and your withdrawal limit jumps to $25 daily with it enabled.. absolutely, this site is fire and its nore than worth your time. They admittedly use a bunch of plug-ins/Add-ons to achieve what they do...and it's 100% shows. Literally...by far one of the BEST faucets you'll ever come across. And...it's completely set up for automation. Gain some ACP and leave it running all day. If you do...lmk what your record is for earning. I'd be HIGHLY interested to hear what's achievable here. If I had a device available to dedicate to this site...I absolutely wouldn't even think twice. It would be my primary site...easily among the top 3 9f not #1 in the industry. If you're truly unsatisfied. I'll take you to court for falsely advertising your emotions because you'd be lying. Lmao. Enjoy...I know I do.

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