Only Browser Which Pays YOU for ADS and Value your privacy

@KK_Eire + Brave Browser

I've been using Brave for months now, it's honestly the best browser. Brave has quickly become part of my normal workflow. I like the no ads and no tracking part of the browser. I also like earning the BAT tokens just by surfing the web or viewing the ads. I can tip my favourite content creators on youtube or twitter Ads + Privacy + Blockchain + Crypto ~unmatched speed, ~security and privacy ~blocking trackers ~Earn rewards ~help publishers ~share Internet revenue In February 2020 Trinity College Dublin tested a number of browsers and found Brave to be the most private of them - Wikipedia Don't allow "services" to ask you for premium memberships, just to not watch their ads. Or get forced to switch off your ad-blocking software! So they can get even more cash and of course give you nothing in exchange.

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@KK_Eire 🎤

1.700BAT 0.47 USD Earned this week. just changed web browser.

2 years ago

@KK_Eire 🎤


2 years ago

Andrew is smart! 😏

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