Gain pi (cryptocurrency) at a faster rate using my link

@CorrosiveBlue + Pi Network

pi is cryptocurrency that will be worth money eventually when it finally goes live . they have 8 million users and at 10 million they say it Will officially launch and have monetary value so if you join me you can make good money once it launches the pie that you have mind on my team will be worth the money and if you join my link we willI'll get a faster rate of mining pi so it benefits both of us if it asked for a referral code use CorrosiveBlueberry thanks look forward to mining pi as a team with you gaining at faster rate. It will start to have monetary value when it reaches phase 3 soon

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@CorrosiveBlue 🎤

Will do your referral links in return for this

5 months ago

@CorrosiveBlue 🎤

Please sign up with my ref link and use my username as the referral CorrosiveBlueberry it will allow you to join my mining team and for us all to get a large bonus in profits.

5 months ago

Ben is smart! 😏

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