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Strike is an app that pays you free money for doing absolutely, for-real-for-real, literally nothing. Using my referral code, you can set up a free account in five minutes flat, prelubricated with a slick $10.50 balance. You can withdraw that immediately too, or use it to purchase Bitcoin right there in the app and send those sats wherever you please, free of charge. All you need to do for the bonus is verify your identity through a basic-level KYC. There’s no deposit, no bank account link, and no rectal examination required. Seriously, you don’t have to do the cavity search thing, Kevin is a fking liar. The current bonus amount is $10.50, the highest amount it ever reaches. The dollar amount fluctuates constantly though, so be aware that you may receive as little as $5 by the time you activate your account. All referral links update to the same value at the same time too, so you can’t get around this by using someone else’s. The good news, however, is that every referral you complete will earn you that deposit bonus all over again, without a limitation on how many you can do. NOTICE: SOME USERS ARE REPORTING THAT STRIKE NOW REQUIRES AN INITIAL DEPOSIT TO CLAIM THE SIGN-ON BONUS. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS POTENTIAL UPDATE.

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