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@Btslover + Till Financial

💰📢💳‼️New App: Till!!! 💰📢💳‼️ Iphone ONLY!! $25 PER REFERRAL!!! NOT INSTANT!! Join, have a Parent deposit $25 into your account, & receive $25 per referral! Similar to the Copper Bank App, you WILL need 2 emails & 2 cell phone numbers! You will need 1 cell phone number & email for your account (which will be the child account), And a different cell phone number & email for the parent account! The parent account is how you access your funds & virtual debit card! 💳 To be able to access & use your virtual card 💳, the parent must create a PIN for your card!! Have the Parent add a bank account & send the child $25! How long the $25 takes to transfer is usually around 3-5 days, but it depends on your bank! 📢Please read carefully‼️‼️📢📢 To be eligible to refer, you MUST: 1. CREATE A FAMILY 2. ADD A KID (THAT WILL BE YOU) 3. FUND THE KID'S ACCOUNT (HAVE YOUR PARENT FUND YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT OF $20) ‼️‼️ALL 3 OF THESE MUST HAVE A GREEN ✅ by them! How it looks is in pictures! That's how you'll know that you can refer! Join Now: 👇 Join me on Till to build smarter spending habits! Sign up using the referral code KINETAGROSS880 and earn $25! hidden-url

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