4GB Storage 🔖🌐🗄

@BamaDawn + Bublup

AMAZING!! It doesn't get better then Bublup! Save your online bookmarks with images and descriptions to share or keep secret 🤫 The layout is customizable to your preferance. Collaborate with others or use solo like I do. I have shared 1⃣ or 2⃣ files because it was easy to do and I didn't have to share everything. Only what I chose to share. It can store your images, videos, audio files, etc for easy access and online storage so you never have to find a way to transfer between devices or lose your most treasured keepsakes ever again. Uploads are quick & stay where you want them until you get ready to take them out. Privacy is always respected. I use mine for file access and my bookmarks from the web browsing, especially my wishlist for every occasion whenever I'm shopping online. It automatically chooses an image and description from any site that I save or I can change it to any image I choose & I can even edit my description. You can organize everything or leave it all a hot mess 😉 My favorite feature are the instant roll ups it can do for you.. it puts anything I've saved & chosen into its own roll so I can easily share what I want at that time into a nice the link it will lay out every website, file, or folder that I've chosen to include in it as well as let me customize the look of it.. works great for saving referral links and codes to share ! Please check out my roll as an example: hidden-url part is that it's absolutely 🆓 🎉 but there are upgradeable plans you can purchase. Each referral that signs up for a free account gets you an extra 5GB of storage too! I've never ran out of storage and I've yet to have one person use my referral link. Bublup is awesome‼

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