$25 Lofty Gift Certificate

@ArizonaRenegade + Lofty

My current ROI with Lofty is 3.71% (as of 3/18/23) Lofty is a marketplace that lets you invest in U.S. rental properties starting from only $50 by investing in fractions of real estate investment properties - both residential and commercial properties are available. The benefits of investing in real estate with Lofty include: Daily rental income - Earn rental income daily and withdraw anytime. Property appreciation - Your ownership stake appreciates in value as the property appreciates. No lock-up period - List your ownership stake for sale in our marketplace anytime. Tax advantages - Benefit from favorable real estate tax deductions like depreciation. Empowered ownership - Vote on all key property decisions, from repairs to rent changes. Save time & energy - A property manager executes all vote decisions and handles the rest.

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I used this link, should the $25 have shown up on my end after signing up or do I need to make a deposit or something first?

2 years ago

@ArizonaRenegade 🎤

You have to make a deposit, purchase at least 1 "token" and hold it for 90 days for the bonus to get triggered.

2 years ago

Stanley is smart! 😏

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