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WHAT I LIKE ABOUT COMPUTTA AND WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT? I joined Computta in May 2019. What I like about the program is the fact that one just register and download the Smart Miner - a Windows based mining engine. Just install it, sign-in, and viola! You have a bitcoin miner running in the background while you are doing your daily chores on your computer. You can as well set the mining power of both your CPU and your GPU from say 50% to 100%. I highly recommend Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super as the best high performing mining GPU on the market for beginners who can't afford the ASIC Mining Rig. The Computta Smart Miner, mines Satoshi more effectively if you are mining through the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super's GPU. This mining program can also mine Satoshi (BTC) using the standard graphics card, proving the Windows drivers have been installed. I myself, started off by mining bitcoins on the standard Intel Graphics card, although it yields very small amounts of Satoshi, it's better than nothing. The current minimal withdrawal is 3 mBTC (30 000 Satoshi)

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