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Please text me if you sign up with one of the links bellow and most likely I'll share some of the reward with you too!

All links are working and you'll get money in all of them. Text me in telegram @jutvkk if any doubt comes up or if something doesn't work.

Verse referral codes and program details

5€ instead of 3€ because I'm "Lite Ambassador", so you will automatically receive your rewards as soon as the New User deposits and moves 20€. The New User should download Verse, register, and add your promocode in “Settings” -> “Promotions”. That´s it! Make sure you entered the code to win 5€. The code: 8XMXTT

Check out Verse   

Bondora referral codes and program details

Sign up with my link and you'll get 5€ into your bondora account and then transfer to your bank account. I've done it and it works.

Check out Bondora   

Curve referral codes and program details

Curve is the bank card I use the most. Get 5€ and a free card, check on their website if you're not convinced or text me on telegram! @jutvkk

Check out Curve   

N26 referral codes and program details

By far the best referral out there, it's super easy and fast! As written in their app “Give 5€, get 5€. Share your invite code and after your friends spend 5€ you’ll get 5€ credit and they’ll get 5€.”

Check out N26   

Jorge is smart! 😏

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