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Here at SneakyPeer we are aiming to help investors to navigate into the extremely risky realm of P2P investing. P2P loan is an attractive investment vehicle, as it offers a potentially high-yields, low minumum investment treshhold and increased diversification. However, these loans are offered by, yet unregulated, P2P investment platforms that posess total control over your funds, the loans offered and the terms an investor agrees to above others, which leaves investor with limited choices, obscure information and increased exposure to risk. These two factors sparked the SneakyPeer project, as we aim to dive deeper and zoom-into each platform - it’s owners, partners, loans, agreements, even the website layout and other factors, to assess the risk investor actually is exposed to. Our team of experts in economics, law, finance, AML, consultancy and accounting, has developed an integrated risk model (IRM), that combines throughout qualitative and quantitative analysis to guide the investors to safest platforms. Objectively and without biases.

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