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Vxy's Promo Codes

Hey there. This is a list compiled of all the referral links on tech, crypto & some other useful stuff (which I have used & tested), where I found the best offers. Do use them for some great offers & discounts!

SurfShark referral codes and program details

It’s 2022, and our lives have all but moved online. As a natural reaction to the lack of privacy (like the notoriously intrusive COVID-19 apps) in our current digital space, more and more people turn to VPNs. The basic way that a VPN protects your privacy is by changing your IP (Internet Protocol) address. It’s like your home address, only for the internet… and you leave that address plastered wherever you go. You don’t post your home address in real life, so why would you do that online? Once you’re connected to a VPN server, you’re only leaving the server’s address in hand, which can’t be traced back to you. This ruins cross-site tracking and other ad tools and tracking plans that rely on IPs and, you know, the IP no longer points at your real home. You need a VPN if you want to: Secure your internet connection, Increase your level of privacy, Access blocked websites, Circumvent censorship and firewalls & Control your personal data. Your data and identity are precious. With Surfshark VPN you get powerful encryption, and if you add Alert you can check and get notified if your data has been part of a breach.

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Binance referral codes and program details

20% off Fees + Additional 25% off if you pay with BNB. Beyond operating the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance spans an entire ecosystem. Over 2 billion in average daily volume, 1,400,000+ Transactions per second & 24/7 support. Binance has a lot of Altcoins supported, which means you get early access to new & upcoming crypto. They have their own launch pools & provide earning options to grow your crypto. Well what you waiting for..... Click & register now 😊

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crypto.com referral codes and program details

Crypto.com is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency. Through the Crypto.com Mobile App and Exchange, you can buy 80+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Purchase with a credit card, debit card, crypto, or fiat bank transfer. Use this referral link to sign up for Crypto.com to get $ 25 USD worth of CRO tokens free. Just do the KYC & need to confirm one of the Metal cards where the cashback is up to 8%. How it works: 1. Share your referral link 2. Friend completes sign up, passes KYC verification and gets Sign Up-Bonus ($25 USD in CRO locked in their CRO Wallet) which is unlocked by staking at least 2500 CRO for MCO Visa Card. 3. You get $25 USD in CRO in your CRO Wallet instantly once they have completed staking.

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crypto.com referral codes and program details

When you sign up and complete KYC you can transfer CRO tokens to the exchange and stake about 5000 CRO. You will receive a bonus of 50$ in CRO. Other rewards include 100% trading fee discount, 50% in Syndicate allocations. Example- you get upto $ 200,000 worth of syndicate allocation at 50% discount. That's a way to get double your money on every Syndicate allocation. You also get 10% APY on the staked CRO & additional soft staking for other cryptos. Lots of benefits with this link. Join the fastest growing crypto exchange now. These are benefits as of 19th June 2021 & may change in the future, so once you use the link, be quick to stake the CRO for the rewards. For the crypto.com app use sw7mg72f7g as a code.

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Celsius referral codes and program details

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 195740fd74 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! Just keep it for 30 days & you'll get the $ 50 bonus. #UnbankYourself Don't wait. When you get something free, get it quickly!

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Ledger wallet referral codes and program details
Ledger wallet

You can also click the link for the CL cards where you will get to join the waiting list for the new card which connects directly to your ledger. Spend money directly from your Ledger. Crypto will be converted to stable coins only on purchase. Grow the value of your crypto till you really need to spend it! For Cards - hidden-url For the Ledger Wallet - hidden-url GAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key that gives you access to your coins. You should be the only one in control of this key – and you need to keep it secure. A Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best way to secure your funds. Your hardware wallet keeps your private key protected at all times in a certified secure chip. Nobody can access it except you. Your wallet also gives you the freedom to manage your crypto on your own. With Ledger Live, you can buy, exchange and grow your crypto securely – in one app. The brilliant association of those two elements brings you the satisfaction of real ownership – in simple words, the Ledger ecosystem enables you to be the only one in charge of your money. Key Takeaways: — A Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best solution to secure, store and manage your crypto assets. — Ledger hardware wallets have industry-leading security to keep your crypto secure at all times. — The Ledger Live app is a one-stop-shop for your crypto. Buy, sell, exchange and grow your assets with our partners – easily and securely. — With Ledger you can secure, store and manage over 1800+ crypto assets. — Ledger makes the most popular hardware wallets in the world: more than 3 million+ sales. — Why choose Ledger? Because they offer the best product for keeping your crypto safe. — Access to infinite DEFI options.

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Nexo referral codes and program details

Sign up through the referral link. Once you register, pass the Advanced Verification to confirm your identity. Top up $100 or more in assets and keep them for at least 30 days in your account. You will earn $25 in BTC. Your reward is instantly available and will be unlocked in 30 days. Signing up takes 5 minutes. All the best & hope your crypto moons. 😉

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Dashlane referral codes and program details

Why is a password manager important? We have multiple accounts & sites that we register to. It is impossible to remember strong passwords which are unique & different for each site. So, we end up using similar passwords or simple ones, which can lead to our accounts getting hacked! With Dashlane, you don't have to remember that strong, unique password for every website. The password manager stores them for you and even helps you generate new, random ones. That's great, because, for many people, forgetting a password is a cause for panic. If you use weak passwords or similar ones everywhere, you are only making it easier for someone to compromise all your accounts. Start using Dashlane to help create a unique and strong password for every website.

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Sync referral codes and program details

Initial 5 GB data. Use this referral code & get 1 GB + Additional 1 GB on completing 5 simple tasks. Sync.com is an end to end encrypted cloud storage provider with Canadian privacy laws (more secure than US laws). Better T&C than the big 3 cloud services, where they don't try to read, go through your pics & definitely don't share your data with 'third party trusted affiliates'! A top rated cloud storage provider with excellent security features, end to end encryption & secure login with 2FA. Give it a try...

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