Use code for extra month of VPN completely free on signup. Also a special offer of 24 Months + 4 months Free. So total 29 months at an average cost of $ 2.06 per month! Best value & lowest cost.

Vxy + SurfShark

It’s 2022, and our lives have all but moved online. As a natural reaction to the lack of privacy (like the notoriously intrusive COVID-19 apps) in our current digital space, more and more people turn to VPNs. The basic way that a VPN protects your privacy is by changing your IP (Internet Protocol) address. It’s like your home address, only for the internet… and you leave that address plastered wherever you go. You don’t post your home address in real life, so why would you do that online? Once you’re connected to a VPN server, you’re only leaving the server’s address in hand, which can’t be traced back to you. This ruins cross-site tracking and other ad tools and tracking plans that rely on IPs and, you know, the IP no longer points at your real home. You need a VPN if you want to: Secure your internet connection, Increase your level of privacy, Access blocked websites, Circumvent censorship and firewalls & Control your personal data. Your data and identity are precious. With Surfshark VPN you get powerful encryption, and if you add Alert you can check and get notified if your data has been part of a breach.

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