636371 Use the referral code and get an extra 30$ when u start liquid mining

Ben + Cake Defi

People mine with 5000$ computers and rigs but this is liquid mining and only need 50$ to start making more money! With 100-200% returns and pays out every 12 hours. With 2 choices to invest in staking(60-80%) or liquid mining(100-200%) i do liquid mining cause i dont like to stake my money for a month or 2 and obviously the triple gains. Peace of mind knowing i can take it out any time and no one can stop me from taking it out. If you use the referral code we both get 10$ in the staking section but no worries its gona be 30-60$ in 6 months when its ready. Oh and the pay out every 12 hours is available to you right away to withdrawal or reinvest. I re invest it all in liquid mining usually once a week and its bigger every time. In 2 months it 4 times my initial investment. It has option to reinvest as soon as u get it but they dont tell there is a small gas fee so i let it build till i get to it and reinvest into different minning coin to diversify my portfolio. Cut risk and fees at the same time. Hope you catch up soon first one to 10gs wins! 636371 Type it in right when you start to open the account if you miss it you wount get the chance to get the benefits latter. Get rich soon!

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