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Ballin like TRUMP my ninjas!$

Referral codes and promo codes for free! Pay with good wibes and paying it forward! Enjoy ur day;)

Wolf Points referral codes and program details
Wolf Points

Sign up and get 50$ You can withdraw to cash app or paypall and many other options. You also get 2$ for every time someone clicks on ur link just to check it out. And u get 20$ for every person that u refer.

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Wombat referral codes and program details

Wombat is an EOS block chain wallet that pays with EOS and NFTs for playing games, then you can go and stake those NFTs to get even more EOS. It actually costs to open an EOS wallet but they cover the cost and pay for your gas fees for up to 100 transactions a day. So it was kinda a no brainer for me. Now my go to wallet. Plus starts you of with 10$ worth of EOS with a referral so you know they pay up. All the kids in my family use it now so saving us some money on games as well. Get rich soon! hidden-url

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Cake Defi referral codes and program details
Cake Defi

People mine with 5000$ computers and rigs but this is liquid mining and only need 50$ to start making more money! With 100-200% returns and pays out every 12 hours. With 2 choices to invest in staking(60-80%) or liquid mining(100-200%) i do liquid mining cause i dont like to stake my money for a month or 2 and obviously the triple gains. Peace of mind knowing i can take it out any time and no one can stop me from taking it out. If you use the referral code we both get 10$ in the staking section but no worries its gona be 30-60$ in 6 months when its ready. Oh and the pay out every 12 hours is available to you right away to withdrawal or reinvest. I re invest it all in liquid mining usually once a week and its bigger every time. In 2 months it 4 times my initial investment. It has option to reinvest as soon as u get it but they dont tell there is a small gas fee so i let it build till i get to it and reinvest into different minning coin to diversify my portfolio. Cut risk and fees at the same time. Hope you catch up soon first one to 10gs wins! 636371 Type it in right when you start to open the account if you miss it you wount get the chance to get the benefits latter. Get rich soon!

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Hexa Network referral codes and program details
Hexa Network

Its already listed on the exchange and are able to cash out! The benefit of this app is the more referral codes you use the higher your mining rate. That right its a real mining app that doesn’t use ur computers or phones processing power but how many people you referred and you can buy mining power equal to a person for 6 months or a year to rase your mining rate. Its one of my favorite mining apps. So go ahead and use this link to sign up and we both get a 25% boost to our minning rate! Get rich soon! Here is my Hexa Network invite link. Join HEXA NETWORK and get 5 free COINs: QuickSilver. Download using the link hidden-url

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trustdice referral codes and program details

A betting platform for btc. Make money playing crash or dice or casino slots or ruler. U win it pays big. Prob better then ur job. Just saying

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Coin Birds referral codes and program details
Coin Birds

hidden-url A game where u buy girds with coins that lay a certain amount of eggs an hour and u sell those eggs. U can use ur coins to buy more birds or chose to cash out. Have fun!

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Eagle Network referral codes and program details
Eagle Network

QuickSilver100 Free mining app get to mine eagle before they close. The more people u get on ur team the higher ur mining speed Have a great day

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Midoin referral codes and program details

benank3127 Use referral code when signing up for app and get 5 times mining power. That simple. Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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OXBTC referral codes and program details

OXKJTYH4F A BTC cloud mining platform. Sign up with the promo code and get a 300$ hash rate free for 3 day. Then reinvest what is earned and have it mining forever. Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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Ember Fund referral codes and program details
Ember Fund

hidden-url A crypto staking app with extremely high returns of 1000%-1500% annually. Also has a 24h bitcoin faucet that u can collect every 24 hours. every time someone signs up with ur referral both of ours (urs and mine) mining rate goes up by 10 hashes a second so it shortens ur wait time to withdraw by a mile. Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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BIGtoken referral codes and program details

69CMV12L2 Sign up with referral code and we will both beaded to each other’s stream which means we earn more from the app, and I get a whole 1$! Pay out limit is 15$ and u have to cash out on Wednesday to get the money by Friday. Yea there slow I know. Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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Varo referral codes and program details

hidden-url Open a varo account with promo link and send 20$ to ur cash app or strike account and receive 50$ deposited to ur varo account.

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Hashshiny referral codes and program details

hidden-url A cloud mining app starts you of with a 100$ hash rate for 3 days the you can reinvest it go get more mining power and have it keep growing with out investing your own funds. Will take a long time tho. It does contracts for 2 years so it’s like having a btc faucet for that time. You can put it to reinvest it’s earning so it can grow it’s self with out needing any more input. Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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Zap Surveys referral codes and program details
Zap Surveys

hidden-url A servey app does have high paying serveys but cashed out at 25$

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Star Network referral codes and program details
Star Network

quicksilver1 Get 1 star token for signing up and u need a referral code to sign up for this app. It actually produces more then a $10 a day which is more then 99.9% of the of the other 24hour miners out there. Dosent use ur devices processing power to mine or need to be open to produce. Just log in every 24hours and press the mine rocket and ur all set. Should be good for at least 300$ a month and u get a 25% boost every time someone uses ur referral number to sign up and they don’t have a cap on how many people can sign up with ur account so the sky is the limit! Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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Pomelo referral codes and program details

Get 25$ for signing up and 25$ for using the referral code. The money can’t be withdrawn from the account u have to spend it on a debit card that they will send you.

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Times club referral codes and program details
Times club

64V35E Get 40$ in 15 min. Click on url or download the app. 1. Get 5$ for downloading and creating account. 2. Type in the referral code 64V35E and get 20$ deposited to ur account. 2. Get 5$ for connecting ur card to app no deposit required and receive 5$ after. 3. Send the app to 10 people from ur contact list and get the next 10$. (These are the fast ones there are more ways to earn just have to find them thru out the app) Enjoy the rest of ur day! Url link below: hidden-url

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Vetri referral codes and program details

JNH76983 Get 6.5$ for signing up and extra 10% for each servey. Able to cash out to PayPal or gift cards at 12.5$ on of the highest paying apps. Complete minor tasks to get a higher % boost permanently.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

hidden-url $10-100$ 1. Get 10$ when u sign up with promo link and trade 100$ worth of crypto.(buy 50$-sell50$ or buy and sell 20$ worth of crypto 5 times) 2. U will get 10$ deposited to ur Coinbase account. Then u can go learn and earn and get another 40$-60$ in crypto from answering simple crypto questions and they post about 5$ more every month.

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CryptoTab referral codes and program details

hidden-url Higher mining speed Switch ur internet browser on ur PC, Android, or Apple device with CryptoTab and get Bitcoin every time u surf the web. It does complex math problems in the back round and pays u in bitcoin for using ur processing power. The faster ur device the more bitcoin u get! It is only about 5$ a month but still better then nothing! Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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GeoCash referral codes and program details

QUICKSILVER_VJNS7R Use promo code to get extra Geo coins deposited into ur account. The more Geo coins u have the higher is ur mining speed and the more u earn. Enjoy the rest of ur day!

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Strike referral codes and program details

I2I6AU Get 5$ for singing up! I like it better then cash app. Bitcoin fees are 20 times less and no sending fee. 1. Sign up with promo code and verify ur KYC. 2. As soon as ur KYC is verified u get 5$! It that easy! No adding debit card or making a 5$ transaction as in cash app. Now go and enjoy ur day!

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

DDQKLRT Get 5$ for signing up with promo code or 0$ with out. 1. Use the code then register the KYC 2. Connect a debit card 3. Send 5$ to another Cash App account and have the person send the 5$ back to you. 4. You will get a 5$ sign up bonus and make sure you get the 5$ back from who ever you sent it to. (If you don’t have anyone who can do this round trip for you, you can send it to my account and I will send it back as soon as I notice it. Don’t worry I’m not going to keep it scouts honor other wise I’d have to much money.) cash app: $ThermaPro

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