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globalmining referral codes and program details

In 2022, the best cloud mining investment and wealth management platform in the whole network will give you the most stable and long-term investment and wealth management plan! Invitation registration link:hidden-url Corporate Law White Paper:hidden-url hidden-url hidden-url Company authority certification documents:hidden-url → Official Telegram Channel:hidden-url → Official Telegram Customer Service:hidden-url Headquartered in London, England, Tokentrx is a joint mining company established by imtoken and tron! Tokentrx cooperates with industry-leading mining machine manufacturers to provide users with convenient and safe mining services. Based on a professional team, the company has successively received $15 million in financing from Node Capital and ChainUP Capital. Industry-leading mining experience, we choose mining machine + cloud computing power to provide users with convenient and safe mining services, solve the current uneven pain points, realize the chain of market supply and demand through deep supply, and flexibly respond to market trends. After registering, you will have two wallets. Basic wallet and promo wallet. Rules: The basic wallet must be successfully invested (5TRX activated) to activate the wallet, and TRX can be withdrawn every day. Share three promotional wallets for investment rebates with friends. There are no restrictions on withdrawals. You can withdraw full cash at any time. Choose a wallet and withdraw cash once a day. 1: After registration, you will get 1000 TRX experience coins. 2: Basic wallet investment withdrawal rate: direct income on the day after recharging Deposit TRX: 5-50000TRX rate of return (%5/day) Deposit TRX: 50001-200000 yield (%6/day) Deposit TRX: 200001-500000 yield (%7/day) Deposit TRX: 500001-1000000 yield (%8/day) Deposit TRX: 1000001-99999999 Yield (%10/day) 3: Promote wallet, recommend friends to share investment, get 13%, 5%, 2% commission Tokentrx will provide every customer with safe, efficient and stable long-term mining income TRX. Your income depends on when you join and how much you invest.

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