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Game & earn referral codes and program details
Game & earn

How to play earn money just by playing USDT earning NFT Games 💯The first way to make money: 💰💰The number of NFT heroes that each player can buy is limited. Each NFT can only be purchased once. Can have 5-9 star NFT hero income at a time. The more heroes you buy, the more ASTR you earn. 💰💰There is a production time limit for each NFT hero. After expiration, ASTR will stop production, but the hero will become permanent. Later, these NFT heroes can be traded between players and still have high value. Example: Currently you can buy 15 different star NFT heroes and get more ASTR. (3.5714ASTR = 1USDT)💰💰💰💰💰💰

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Sunflower land referral codes and program details
Sunflower land

Sunflower Land is a casual farming Blockchain game. An online farming game built on Polygon. The goal is to Farm Crops, Gather Resources, Cook Food, Raise Animals, Craft Items, Evolve your Bumpkin and Expand your Land to build your farming empire.

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