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Valid tested referral links to quality sites and apps

Join me on the quest to escape the rat race and let's collaborate to benefit from this rigged system in which we live in. :) I provide regularly updated referral/promo codes to products/services which I trust and use myself to gain financial independence. Whatever I recommend here is personally tested by myself. I am focusing on apps and platforms which can bring or facilitate passive income generation in one way or another with the least amount of time invested. Additional details can be found in my profile postings for each App. 🔶If you use my referral codes to sign-up to some of these services you will support me to bring more quality content and advice, while at the same time earning some sweet bonuses for yourself. In return for your support, I can help you with any information you may need about the services which I know and use. Feel free to message me if you have questions about anything.

Interactive Brokers referral codes and program details
Interactive Brokers

This is actually a pretty good deal if you plan to start investing seriously. Also it might be a good deal if you plan to move your positions from another broker to IBKR. Sign up with my referral link and you will get up to $1,000 in IBKR stock if you meet the eligibility conditions. More specifically, you will receive $1 worth of Class A common stock of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. for each $100 in net deposits during the first year following the date of the first deposit. You must maintain a balance of at least USD 10,000 for one year. Cheers!

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Trading212 referral codes and program details

Get free shares worth between €8 and €100. Note that it could be fractional shares. For example, when I signed up, I got a fractional share amount of Walt Disney, worth €8 ( guess I was not that lucky ). Steps: 1. Sign-up using my referral link 2. Pass identity verification (KYC) - it's done fast in the same day, from experience 3 Within 10 days since sign-up, you must fund your account with a minimum of €10 (or 50 RON) Trading 212 is a reliable trading platform which has the smoothest and simplest of any trading app I've tested. It's perfect for beginners and perfect for people who want to start investing in ETFs, which are one of the simplest ways to build wealth over time, in my opinion. Update: Also, since the 15th of February 2024 they will start offering transfers of shares to and from other brokers! This is great, since I thought this was their biggest downside. The actual probability of getting a certain number of value of shares is listed below: 80% chance : get between €8 and €25 15% chance : get between €25.01 and €50 3% chance : get between €50.01 and €75 2% chance : get between €75.01 and €100 The share will be randomly selected from stocks in Trading212's offer.

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Bondora referral codes and program details

In order to benefit from this offer, just sign up using the provided link and invest €50 or more in the first 30 days after signing up. SEPA transfers are supported and very fast (my experience was below 30 minutes top-up time) Bondora used to be a Peer-to-Peer lending platform based in Estonia, and one of the largest platform in Europe. Up until recently the used to offer the possibility to directly invest in individual loans (like Mintos) but nowadays they just have a "Go and Grow Unlimited" product where they mange what gets invested and how - it keeps the money safe and you are able to withdraw money with whatever interest you have gathered at any time. The downside is that the yield is pretty low compared to other Mintos where you invest directly in loans. Currently it's around 4% but this can change, nothing is guaranteed. Still, if you value diversification it's not a big deal opening an account with $50 and getting $5 extra (instant 10% profit on your investment). You can just add the money to the "Go and Grow Unlimited" product and forget about them for a while.

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Mintos referral codes and program details

Updated 07 February 2024: Limited time referral program offer: Join Mintos by creating an account using my code (3HJSYO) or use my link which contains the code --> invest €1 000 or more before 31.03.2024 and get - €50 instant bonus - 1% bonus of your average investment in the first 90 days

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Maiar referral codes and program details

Updated 02 November 2023: The Maiar app has been rebranded to xPortal. Use my code ( nq13nli933 ) when you sign up for a new account on xPortal app and get $5 cashback when you buy EGLD.

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Jumptask referral codes and program details

Sign-up using my code, complete a first task on the platform and get an extra 20% bonus (one time only)

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SocialGood referral codes and program details

Updated 14-08-2023: 🔶 Use the provided link and code YTBXVP from a mobile device, install the app and sign-up to get $100 worth of SG Token (on top of the normal store-buy cashback). You should get the bonus after making one purchase of $100 or more in the first 30 days after you join, in any stores listed in the Social Good App. -You can also invite other people yourself to get up to $200 worth of SocialGood (SG) for each new person which joins using your invitation code via the SocialGood App. 🔹How it works: - It works similarly to cashback, however, it is much more lucrative and instead of cash, you earn SocialGood tokens (listed on Bittrex). I'm genuinely impressed with how much I have managed to accumulate in just a few months of use, buying things that I would have bought anyway and I've even got the Christmas Shopping completed. After 2 months of using their Android app (available on iOS also), I've already stacked up a fair amount of SG worth hundreds of dollars just by shopping online, mainly on eBay and AliExpress for items I wanted and needed to buy anyway. - If you keep holding the SG tokens in your wallet (MetaMask compatible) you can earn interest in SG tokens. How to use the app: You choose your retailer within the SG app and then complete your purchase in the in-app browser, your purchase will be tracked and verified and once validated, you'll see your tokens are credited, usually within 30 days in my experience.

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Splinterlands referral codes and program details

There are no other bonuses, don't get fooled by other ads. At least I'm honest about it and you can message me if you need help with the game. Starting out can be rough.

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Curve referral codes and program details

Signup and get €5. Conditions: - Signup with my link/code - Make 5 transactions of any value with the curve card within the first 10 days. Curve gives you one card and you can use this as a gateway to whichever other visa or mastercard cards you may have. It's like a wallet for all your other cards. In the app you can register all the debit and credit cards you have and link them to the curve card. Then from the app you select which of the cards you want to use as a daily payments driver and that's that. You can carry only one card with you instead of several. They offer much more benefits if you upgrade your card.

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Uphold referral codes and program details

Steps to get the signup bonus: 1. Create a new account using my referral link 2. Verify your account 3. Within 30 days, deposit and trade the equivalent of at least $100 of any crypto 4. Get $20 in BTC

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PlanetWatch referral codes and program details

Use my code when buying a license and receive my eternal gratitude 😊

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Home Exchange referral codes and program details
Home Exchange

Register with my link to get 250 guest points. Or copy and paste my code petru-daa7a in the signup form or in your account section "Social and Networking" if you already have an account. Invitation code HomeExchange (Guest to Guest) 250 points: 100 GP when you complete your home and 150 GP when you activate the membership.

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bybit referral codes and program details

Bybit is a crypto exchange with good customer support. Sometimes it's useful to use because they list some more "exotic" tokens which you might want and they are not available on more well-established exchanges. Most of the deposit options are kind of expensive on the commissions side, so the cheapest and convenient way to top up your account is through the the P2P option. You buy crypto directly from a user from the internet by sending him money directly and the platform acts as an intermediary for you two until you both confirm that you held up your end of the bargain. I tested it and it works fine. You might want to use Wise for P2P. Check out a referral link for that in my profile if you want. May people use it. You will be a qualified referee if you register on Bybit with my referral code, make a first-time deposit of no less than $20 equivalent, and meet the minimum total trading volume of $250 within 30 days after registration. Notes: The first deposit includes deposit coins, fiat deposits, P2P trading and credit card payment. Total trading volume = Derivatives trading volume + Spot trading volume Additionally you can get he following benefits by joining: 1) New Derivatives Trader Coupon - $10 USDT coupon* Can only be claimed once Trading any pairs in Derivatives Contract Trading Volume is cumulative volume up to $10,000 2) New Spot Trader Coupon - $10 USDT coupon* Can only be claimed once Trade any tokens in Spot Trading Volume is cumulative volume up to $200 3) 3-Day Active Trader Coupon - $5 USDT coupon* Can only be claimed once Trade any pairs and any products with cumulative 3 days 4) Bybit Follower - $5 USDT coupon* Can only be claimed once Follow Bybit by clicking into one of our social media icons inside Rewards Hub *Note that these coupons can only be used to offset trading commissions.

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Sweatcoin referral codes and program details

Sweatcoins are the game's in-app currency. You can use them to buy or get discounts on real-life items inside the in-app store. Some items have 100% discount. Also, if you hold the coins which you get in-game, when they will launch their cryptocurrency you will get the equivalent of what you have gathered in their new coin which will be on the blockchain. The great thing is that you can combine the app with other Move2Earn apps, such as STEPN or WalkWithStep and gain more from your time spent walking, jogging or running.

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This is an invite code for the exchange, not the app. Steps: 1. Register for an account with the provided link (make sure the referral code x5p5r2a836 is filled in on the account creation page) 2. Pass KYC at Advanced level 3. Buy (or Transfer) some CRO in the spot account 4. Then: Stake 1000 CRO to receive $10 in CRO; Staking means locking your CRO amount for 180 days. OR Stake 5000 CRO to receive $50 in CROS; Staking period is 180 days, and interest will be deposited into your account daily. Note: If you choose to stake 5000 CRO you will earn 10% per year and the calculated daily amount of that 10% will be added to your account daily. Also, you will get 10% any OFF maker and taker fees. So if you have the possibility this is of course the most advantageous offer.

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Step App referral codes and program details
Step App

Be amongst the first to signup to this new move to earn app on the Avalanche AVAX C chain. This aims to be like the STEPN app, but better. It's very early, the app's not available yet, but you know, fortune favours the brave. You get +10 FAT per day for signing up with my link. You get +5 FAT per day for linking your wallet. You get +3 FAT per day per each referral you invite. As the days and referrals pile on, you can stack some of these coins and who knows how valuable they'll be when the game does launch...?

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Run Together referral codes and program details
Run Together

Run Together is a new app like the popular move2earn game/app named STEPN. Give it a try. Who knows how far it could reach?

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Metahorse referral codes and program details

You just have to connect your Metamask wallet on the site. Setup of one is easy if you don't have one, I can guide you to create one. Metahorse will be an NFT horse racing game on the Binance Smart chain. It is supposedly going to give people the chance to win real horses. :) I like horses and games and it will be interesting to see what it ends up being. The METAH tokens will be used in-game when it launches.

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You can use this platform to withdraw to it from IPRoyal Pawns platform for free.

Check out referral codes and program details

- The discount reward should be given for any spot trade, ETF transaction and futures trade. - The 10% trading fee reward enjoyed by friends will be distributed to the MEXC account in the form of an airdrop. - A friend's spot trade reward will be issued after 00:00 (UTC + 8). A friend's futures trade reward will be issued after 15:00 (UTC + 8). The actual issuing time may be delayed, and the actual issuing time of the next day shall prevail. - For users registered after April 5, 2021, the invitation is valid from the registration date and the rebate is valid for 1080 days.

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Monese referral codes and program details

Get up to 280 lei (~50€) by using my referral code. Steps: 1. Just download the app from your mobile app store and enter my invite code when you sign up: PETR7176. 2. Submit KYC documentation 3. Order your physical card (for me it was about 20 lei) 4. Wait for the card about 1 month... that's how much it took for me to get it 5. Use the card for the first purchase ==> Get the first 120 lei or equivalent in € 6. Continue spending with the card up to 2000 lei or equivalent in € ==> Get an extra 160 lei or equivalent in € Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks. The mobile-only service provides accounts in Pounds sterling, Euros and Romanian leu, and is available in 31 countries across the European Economic Area. As of January 2020, it has over 2 million customers.

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Human Protocol referral codes and program details
Human Protocol

Human Protocol tokenizes and automates the distribution of work - and its rewards - across global work forces. The Protocol offers a new way for humans and machines to collaborate, and functions as a blockchain-based infrastructure for the creation and settlement of secure, globally accessible job markets.

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Norwegian Block Exchange referral codes and program details
Norwegian Block Exchange

All that is required is passing KYC. This is easy and you do not need any deposit. You will get a flat 150 NOK equivalent of BTC, priced at the time of the payout. You can google to see an estimate of how much BTC you will be getting. Currently that's ~17 USD. NBX is a secure and transparent cryptocurrency exchange, approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency.

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aliexpress referral codes and program details

Get a discount of 44 RON or equivalent in your currency (~10 USD) off your first order when you signup with my link. Enjoy!

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Buy Me a Coffee referral codes and program details
Buy Me a Coffee

A free, fast, and beautiful way to receive one-time and monthly support from your fans. Loved by 100,000 creators. Showcase your goals, explore creators, claim your page. Services: Tips & donations, memberships, shop.

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Bit2me referral codes and program details

Get € 5 FREE with your first purchase! Register in Bit2Me with this link and receive € 5 free with your first purchase of € 100 or more. With Bit2Me you can buy, sell, exchange, receive and send Bitcoin and more than 20 cryptocurrencies in seconds. Easy, fast and with telephone support.

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GoPublish referral codes and program details

Un curs foarte bun in limba romana care te invata cum sa creezi si sa vinzi carti low-content (caiete, jurnale, calendare, carti de colorat etc) online fara sa ai experienta sau talent deosebit. Pentru rezultate, necesita doar investitie de timp ~ 2 ore pe zi si perseverenta, insa este singurul business care se poate incepe fara investitie initiala (in afara de costul cursului).

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Salad referral codes and program details

This is an app mostly useful for gamers. Join me on and use code CPWLUA for a 2x earning rate bonus! Steps: 1. Navigate to the link 2. Download the desktop client 3. Go through the simple signup process from the desktop app (use my referral code when asked CPWLUA) 🔹How Salad can help you: If you have a laptop or a PC with a GPU, you can make some bucks on their platform while leaving this program running in the background when you are not using it for graphical-intensive tasks such as gaming. My experience is that it does not impact normal web browsing usage performance. The app is user-friendly and looks good. 🔹How it works: - provides a crypto mining software which will automatically choose the best algorithm/coin to mine based on your GPU and their analytics and you will get rewarded with digital currency on their platform which you can use to buy digital content in their store. - Cash gained in the app can mostly be redeemed on online services, subscriptions and digital content - mostly games related content. You can buy a lot of games of gift cards for platforms such as steam, PlayStation store etc. - This platform does not charge any fees on the mining software like other pool mining software does, but most of the digital content in their store is more expensive than it would normally be if you bough it directly from the service provider. So you will probably be earning more because there are no pool fees, but when buying stuff it will be more expensive - in the end, I think that it balances out. Real example: a $20 Blizzard gift code for USA accounts costs $21.

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Pago este o aplicatie de mobil foarte simpla si utila pentru plata facturilor cu doar 2 tapuri. Facturile recurente ajung automat in aplicatie, se pot vedea toate intr-un loc si pot fi platitie toate deodata cu un singur tap. In plus, fiecare factura platita pana la scadenta ofera puncte care pot fi folosite la plata facturilor urmatoare. Se pot plati si asigurari RCA, de calatorie si (in curand) de locuinte.

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Kucoin referral codes and program details

KuCoin is an exchange like may others (Binance, Coinbase, etc.), but it is on the market for a pretty long time, it has good customer support and you can get some more "exotic" coins on it - like ARRR for example :) They just launched a new referral program since 25th of November 2021. By inviting friends to sign up on KuCoin, users can unlock mysterious prizes.

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Gemini referral codes and program details

Try the Gemini app using my code and we'll each get $10 USD in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more (or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) within 30 days of creating your account. Gemini is a simple, elegant, and secure platform to build your crypto portfolio.

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Guild of Guardians referral codes and program details
Guild of Guardians

Both the referrer and referral get 5% bonus on purchases, which is legit but it's not the main reason for sharing this link. The main reason is that the game looks solid in a time where shit games are all over the place in blockchain gaming industry. Have a look and let me know what you think! They are aiming to release Guild of Guardians on mobile in early 2022. Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players can turn their gaming passion into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic, tradeable rewards. Will it be free to play? Yes! Players can play for free and earn heroes and items without spending any money. We are very excited by the ability for players to 'play-to-earn'! How do I play? You can't play Guild of Guardians yet. We are in our first stage of release where players can begin collecting founder heroes, and we're currently working hard to finish completing development of the game.

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coinmarketcap referral codes and program details

Signup with the provided link and all you have to do is accumulate 100 diamonds. Afterwards we will both get 20 diamonds. What can you do with diamonds? - You can redeem them for exclusive rewards and special offers on CoinMarketCap - Mostly for NFTs. FYI, in case you don't know: CoinMarketCap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptocurrency assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high-quality and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions.

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Spider referral codes and program details

🔶 Sell your unused internet bandwidth for money. 🔶 Spider's Earn™ pays 0.15$ per 1 GB of data. 🔷 Follow this link to learn more about the project: Useful tip: 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Honeygain, Peer2profit, EarnApp, IPRoyal Pawns and PocketStream --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel to get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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Ledn referral codes and program details

🔶 Get $10 in USDC when you open a Ledn account, pass KYC and then deposit and hold a minimum of 75 USDC or 0.0015 BTC in a Ledn Savings Account for 15 days or longer. This deposit must be made within 30 days of opening an account. Ledn is a CeFi platform which keeps your crypto and gives you some interest on it. It is similar to Nexo and Celsius only it seems to be less flashy. 😊 If you are interested about Nexo and Celsius, you can also find referrals with signup bonuses and descriptions on my profile.

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LocalBitcoins referral codes and program details

If you want a simple way to get in and out of crypto, you can buy and sell bitcoin directly to individual people on The platform will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller to ensure that both sides keep their word and agree that a transaction was made properly. The buyer and the seller have the liberty of choosing how the payment for the bought crypto should be done. Once both sides confirm the transaction, LocalBitcoins releases the bought crypto to the buyer. You can earn 20% of all your referrals trading fees for 1 year.

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Payoneer referral codes and program details

Fresh referral code. Sign up using the provided link and once you receive a total of 1000 USD through Payoneer, you will earn a 25.00 USD reward. Payoneer is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital. It's very convenient to use for sending or receiving payments to and from your international business clients. Have you got a business? Are you a freelancer working on Upwork or Fiverr? Are you a seller on Amazon, Lazada or Wish? If you fit one of those cases, then chances are that you will find value in having a Payoneer account. Payoneer has partnered with leading eCommerce and freelance marketplaces, affiliate networks, and business applications to provide you with quick, convenient, and low-cost solutions to pay and get paid internationally. You can connect your Payoneer Account to a Marketplace, Network or Site. 1. If you haven’t already done so, sign up using the provided link. 2. Once your Payoneer account has been approved, go to the website of the company from which you would like to get paid (Upwork, Fiverr, Lazada, Wish, etc.). 3. Select Payoneer as your payment option. 4. Begin the registration process as if you were applying for a new card (if relevant) or bank transfer service. 5. Click Already have a Payoneer account? 6. Enter your Payoneer username and password and follow the on-screen instructions. That’s it, you’re connected!

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Busuu referral codes and program details

Busuu is by far the best language learning app out there. I've tried them all for English, French and German. This one tops 'em all. Use my referral link to sign-up (from a mobile device, please) and we both get 30 days of premium membership.

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EMAG.RO referral codes and program details

Primesti un voucher de 20 lei daca cumperi o subscriptie emag genius pentru minim 12 luni. Voucherul este valabil pentru comenzi viitoare. Aboneaza-te prin linkul meu la eMag Genius pentru minim 12 luni (99lei/luna) si primim amandoi un card cadou de 20lei. Pro tip: Daca urmeaza sa iti expire/sa se reinnoiasca abonamentul in curand, poti anula reinnoirea automata, sa lasi subscriptia actuala sa expire si apoi sa folosesti linul meu pentru a cumpara o noua subscriptie - in felul acesta castigi si un voucher de 20 de lei versus daca ai lasa reinnoirea sa se efectueze automat.

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Revolut referral codes and program details

Limited time promo up to 7 December 2021 11:59 PM GMT Use the provided link (from a mobile device) to sign up and I will get rewarded with €20 after you pass the eligibility conditions. I agree to split this with you if you want to benefit as well - of course you would have to trust that I am a man of my word. Note the eligibility conditions: - Verify your identity and pass Know Your Customer (KYC) checks; - Top-up your account by connecting another bank account or a card; - Order your own physical Revolut card (delivery fees may apply); - Make 3 separate purchases of at least €5 each.

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Airbnb referral codes and program details

List a living space for free on Airbnb to build up your savings, fund your next trip, or simply meet interesting travelers. Share any space without sign-up charges, from a shared living room to a second home and everything in-between.

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Gods Unchained referral codes and program details
Gods Unchained

Play to earn game If you're looking for the next game to play, Gods Unchained is a great game that you should check out. Sign up using with my referral code: eoKXuQrHfl on the provided link and get paid for your time whilehaving fun. If you like card games such as HearthStone or MagicTheGathering then you should love this one. The special cards are NFTs and you can actually earn money by playing the game, getting cards and selling them for a profit. You can also buy missing cards for your deck from other players selling theirs. Unlike other free-to-play games, Gods Unchained gives you complete ownership over your in-game items. Collect rare cards, build your deck and sell cards to other players. Gods Unchained is built by ex-Google and Riot Games engineers, funded by the largest gaming investor in the world, and led by the former Game Director of MTG Arena. If you invite friends and they purchase cards with ETH, you can actually get ETH as a reward if they have used your referral link.

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Advcash referral codes and program details

What can you do with Advcash? - Transfer of funds between users; - Receiving online payments on your site; - Payment for goods and online services on the Internet; - Buying and selling cryptocurrency; - Receiving additional income from participating in a referral program; If you refer other people and they make transactions your account will be instantly credited with 20% of fees charged from them. Useful use case: Since Binance no longer offers SEPA transfers, you can use AdvCash as the cheapest way to fund your binance account; It only costs 1 euro to get funds through SEPA to your AdvCash and from there you can instantly top-up your Binance account for free.

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Swissborg referral codes and program details

Fresh ref code. Get a ticket worth up to €100 in CHSB when you make a deposit of at least €100, in crypto or fiat in any supported currency.

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Pi Network referral codes and program details
Pi Network

Claim 1Pi by signing up using my code as your invitation code. Also increases the Pi generation per hour. Pi is a cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. Quick tips: 🔶 The first digital/cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone. 🔶 No phone resources, battery or data drain! 🔷 Follow this link to learn more about the project:

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Binance referral codes and program details

Fresh ref code. Get 10% discount on trading fees when signing up using the provided link.

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Unstoppable Domains referral codes and program details
Unstoppable Domains

Fresh ref code right here. Earn $10 credit when you make a $40+ purchase.

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Bolt referral codes and program details

Fresh promo code. Get 15 LEI off your first trip on Bolt app. To accept, use code L5FVP to sign up! Promo varies by city.

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Swissborg Community referral codes and program details
Swissborg Community

The Swissborg community app allows you to collect points to win Bitcoins with a prize pool of up to USD 500,000. 🎁 Earn Bitcoin 🎁 The higher your rank, the more Bitcoin you win Complete challenges to earn CHSB Tokens to kick-start your crypto portfolio in the upcoming SwissBorg Wealth App. 🏆 How to make it to the podium 🏆 To play the game, you predict whether Bitcoin’s price will go up or down over the next 24 hours Successful predictions earn you points which will boost your rank in the competition. 🔒 Safety first 🔒 With the SwissBorg Community App, you will never risk losing your money. You’ll learn to read the Bitcoin price chart thanks to the simplified daily Bitcoin analysis which includes general market trends, the community trends and the SwissBorg Cyborg Predictor.

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Sign up and get 10 lei welcome bonus on top of the cashback you get from buying on partner sites. From this site, you can gain cashback by navigating to and shopping online on almost 800 de partner stores in Romania. You're gonna shop online anyway. Why not get something more for your money? The site offers an affiliation cashback system for persons registered on the site through the offered advertisement tools. At each purchase made at 1CashBack commercial partners, you get a portion of the paid amount as cashback in the 1CashBack account. You can cash out when you gather a minim of 50 Lei. You can also earn through your affiliation network. Additionally there are always exclusive offers and promotions available. Get cashback on each purchase (made by you or partners in your network). All the best! Disclaimer: I have not cashed out yet, but the cashback from shopping on at least 2 tested sites are properly appearing after about 1 hour in the account.

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Bonusway referral codes and program details

Sign up with the provided link and get 10 lei as a welcome bonus.

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Coinlist referral codes and program details

Fresh code right here. Use the provided link to signup, pass KYC and buy or sell $100 worth of assets in a single trade and you'll earn $10 in BTC from the $20,000 monthly pool available for new referrals. If you are new to this site's concept, use my referral link to sign-up and I can give you some tips and tricks to get you started if you want. is a site specialized doing ICOs with great potential for the mass public. They have a good track record of handpicking quality projects of great success in the past, and people are flocking to get their hands on any listing they make. The demand is so high currently that you have to wait in a queue before a sale goes live and if you are lucky enough, you get picked randomly to buy a limited number of tokens within a short timeframe. I suggest you use the web version as it seems to be more stable and have more features than the mobile app.

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Ascendex referral codes and program details

Fresh ref code. Get 8% commission rebate on cash trading AND/OR 20% commission rebate on Futures Trading when you register with the provided link.

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Wise referral codes and program details

Wise can be used to send money abroad. It's really easy and a lot cheaper than the bank! Use my referral link to sign-up and get a fee-free transfer of up to 500 GBP. Wise, formerly know as Transferwise, is very useful to send money with very low fees directly to bank accounts or to other wise users. Particularly, it is useful for P2P exchange platforms where you can can make deposits or withdrawals directly to/from other users. Many users operating in Peer2Peer transactions have Wise as an option. It has a clean and intuitive user interface.

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Updated 30-Jan-2024: - While CRO has gone down in value and card rewards have diminished, I say this is still a good time to get a a card and earn more flat value CRO while spending with the card and subscribing to Spotify (at least) and Netflix if you use such services anyway. Use the sign-up link (from your mobile device) and get $25 in CRO when you stake the equivalent of at least $400 in CRO or €350 for a Ruby Red metal card. If the referral code does not fill-in automatically, enter this code manually: x5p5r2a836 The Ruby Red metal card is the first paid card tier which brings good investment/reward balance especially if you use or want to use Spotify - You will get a full reimbursement of your Spotify subscription in CRO each month (First 6 months only) if you setup the card as the source of funds at Spotify. You will gain 1% cashback on everything you buy with the card (except products and services offered by utilities companies, banking/investment/financial and government/state institutions) and it's free and relatively easy to top it up (at least from Revolut). On the card you can have USD, EUR or GBP depending on where you are from and the rates at which exchanges happen when you buy things at shops with the card is pretty close to the exchange rate you would get from google. I have tested this so the cashback percent more than covers for the exchange from the card currency and the currency in which the shop charges you. From higher card levels onwards you can gain more card perks, but you need to stake considerably more $ or € amounts in CRO - generally, if you use the card on every purchase, the investment is better than any relatively "safe" investment I've seen and the app and services/support are reliable. When you deposit, if you want to go for the strict minimum, I would add an extra 10 more $ or € - just to be sure that while the transfer is ongoing, the price of CRO does not increase too much. Also note that app does not have the best crypto exchange rates out there, but it's a starting point. is a popular place to buy, sell, send, track and pay with cryptocurrency. There is a wide range of coins to choose from. It is by far one of the best cryptocurrency mobile platforms available today along with a few others. I recommend their services because I generate semi-passive income with them in more ways than described above they and have free responsive support. You can explore the range of other great services they offer.

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Nexo referral codes and program details

Signup for a new account using my referral link and get $25 in BTC when you top up $100 or more in any of the supported assets. You must keep the assets for a minimum of 30 days. 🔶Nexo is a centralized wallet (CeFi) which offers awesome interest rates on many cryptocurrencies (up to 12% but sometimes 17%-20% on promos - there's enough of those. The best thing about the platform is that you can make up to 5 transfers out of the account per month for free on any cryptocurrency including ETH and ERC-20 tokens. With today's crazy gas fees this is an awesome feature for the small fishes. For this awesome feature + large interest on some tokens, you just have to hold 10% of your portfolio value in their native token, NEXO which I believe is a more than fair deal. Steps: 1. Pass the Advanced Verification to confirm your identity (KYC); 2. Top up $100 or more in any of the supported assets and keep them in the account for at least 30 days; 3. Your reward should be instantly available and will be unlocked in 30 days.

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EarnApp referral codes and program details

Use this app go get passive income every month if you have unlimited internet and a decent connection. It's not much, but it's something you don't have to do anything for. Based on my experience, considering the demand for my connection sharing and not keeping my computer on all the time and having no current active referrals, it takes about 90 days to make $2.5. Your experience will vary based on how much demand there is for the usage of your connection. 🔹About the app: - It’s another app for you to make money from your Windows PC and most recently, Linux and Android prone as well. You just have to keep the app running and it will generate traffic on your unused internet bandwidth for which you will get paid automatically when your balance goes over $2.5 using PayPal or when your balance goes over $25 using Amazon gift card. - This app is a bit "fussy" when it comes to IP addresses. It might not "like" you IP address - they use some 3rd party services which evaluate that an IP address is "Low quality" and if that is the case you won't be making any money from it - Only from your referrals if they don't have IPs flagged in such a way. - EarnApp is owned by Bright Data. For more information, see the BrightData site. - Bright Data is owned by EMK – a leading, regulated private equity fund based in the UK. - BrightData works with over 10,000 customers like major banks, universities, social networks, ecommerce sites, and many brands you know. BrightData enables these qualified customers to download publicly available web data using the user’s Internet connection – data like web statistics, price comparison, and other verified business processes Tips: 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Honeygain, Peer2profit, IPRoyal Pawns, PocketStream and Spider Income --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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Ledger wallet referral codes and program details
Ledger wallet

Updated on 10 February 2024: Use my link to go to the site and buy any Ledger Nano device. You will get a stretchable reward card worth $10 in BTC in the package. In case you have to enter a referral code somewhere use this: GKM6G1224X0W8 The reward card will be in an envelope that is included in the package with your Ledger Nano. The card should be undamaged and unscratched. To reveal your code for claiming $10 in BTC, gently scratch the card.

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Honeygain referral codes and program details

Update: I've tested this and it really does pay you to just keep you pc/phone running without a considerable usage to device internals! There seems to be no impact on streaming, gaming etc. Withdrawal works with no problems. The easiest way to withdraw in JMPT tokens to a Metamask wallet. From there you have full control and you can do convert the them to whatever you wish. Message me if you have questions. Get $5 starting gift when joining Honeygain using my referral link. You can also invite other people and earn a forever bonus equal to 10% of their earnings! If you have decent good unlimited internet and access to multiple devices like 3, you could be making about ~$10/month in passive income without any referral. Honeygain uses your devices internet connection to help businesses get web statistics, run add verification etc. (see their site for more). This generates passive income for you. All you need to do is just launch the app on your device (PC/Laptop/Mobile) and ensure that you have power and decent internet connection and you will earn credits. That's it. Useful info and tips: 🔹 1000 credits = $1 🔹 You gain 1 credit per 10MB generated traffic. So, my calculations are that you need to generate 10 GB traffic per account through your combined devices in order to earn $1. 🔹 You can add up to 10 devices per account and up to 2 per same network (IP address). 🔹 You can withdraw through PayPal or in BTC when you've gained $20 in your account OR whenever you want through the Binance Smart Chain if you choose to earn and get paid in JMPT tokens (JumpTask). Check it out. 🔹 You can gain extra credits per hour by activating Content Delivery feature (available only for Desktop in some countries) 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Peer2profit, EarnApp, IPRoyal Pawns and PacketStream, Spider Income --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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Packetstream referral codes and program details

Signup using the provided link and get 0.10$ per GB - no investment required. 🔶 Sell your unused internet bandwidth for money. This is especially lucrative for people without bandwidth traffic limitations. Follow this link to learn more about the project: 🔶 Invite other people to join as your referrals and earn an extra 20% of what each makes. This can stack up pretty quickly for some even nicer passive income. Useful info and tips: 🔹Withdrawals are currently only available through PayPal 🔹The app is currently only available on Desktop devices 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Honeygain, Peer2profit, Spider Income, IPRoyal Pawns and EarnApp --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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IPRoyal referral codes and program details

Join IPRoyal Pawns through the provided link and get a 1USD bonus. All you need to do to claim it is earn 5USD through the Pawns app and request a withdrawal. If you invite other people, you will get 10 % of every invited user's payout amount when they request a withdrawal. | IPRoyal Pawns app enables it's users to make money online by sharing their internet connection as an effortless passive income source! For even more earnings you can start filling in safe and legit surveys. | Except for letting it run in the background, you literally don't have to undertake any other action but wait. Useful info and tips: 🔹You get $1 for each 5GB total generated traffic under one account. 🔹Can be installed on desktop and mobile devices 🔹Only one device per network/IP address is allowed, but you can link multiple devices on different networks to your account. 🔹Withdrawals can be done via PayPal or ₿TC. 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Honeygain, Peer2profit, PacketStream and EarnApp --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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Peer2profit referral codes and program details

I tested this and it's legit. It really does pay you! Signup though the provided link and start making passive income by sharing your unused internet connection. It's simple to setup and it's just "set and forget". Get a permanent 50% of what your future referrals will make. 🔹 Expected income from one device is about $2 to $15 per month, depending on location (country, city, network type). Connect more devices using different ISP and invite more referrals to increase your income! Useful info and tips: 🔹The app is available for both desktop and mobile platforms so you can install the app on both and earn from both platforms. 🔹There are lots of different withdrawal options. 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Honeygain, Spider Income, EarnApp, IPRoyal Pawns and PacketStream --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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Walken referral codes and program details

Get 5 $WLKN + 10 GEM + 100 Mysberries. This reward will get you off to a flying start in Walken and help level up to the 2d level quickly — and enter League II! All you need to do is install the app and enter the provided referral code either at signing up as part of the registration process OR later in the Profile → Gifts&Discounts → Redeem code. The code must be redeemed within 24h from registration in order for you to be eligible for to get the rewards. Walken is an app where you get to own some cute-looking NFTs and compete against other player's NFTs and win the native token of the platform WLKN. You can then use it to buy enhancements for your NFT to get better odds when competing or just withdraw the cryptocurrency to an exchange.

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Cake Defi referral codes and program details
Cake Defi

Promo time 20 April 2023 4pm SGT - 11 May 2023 4pm SGT You must allocate at least $50 in any of YieldVault, Staking or Liquidity Mining (one transaction) during the promo period. The bonus will be paid in DFI and in 12-month Freezer. Referred friends do not have to freeze the funds to be considered a successful referral. You'll receive the bonus for signing up with my referral link, and buying or transferring the equivalent of $50 in any supported crypto! I'd recommend depositing LTC for the low transaction fees or buying DFI with a bank card. You need to register with a valid referral link or enter my code 309181 when creating an account, pass KYC and complete the deposit to be eligible. This bonus will be locked up for 180 days in the Freezer and automatically yields staking returns during this time. You can fund your account by buying with a VISA or Mastercard (will require another KYC with the payment processor if you are using it for the first time). Apart from that, there's another $10 you can make from the Cake DeFi 'Learn and earn' quizes, which you can find by clicking 'Learn' in the menu bar. You can earn $5 in DFI from the DeFiChain quiz, and $5 in BTC/DFI liquidity pair from the Bitcoin quiz. DeFiCain quiz answers: Question 1: How can DeFiChain be described in one sentence? Answer: A - DeFiChain is a blockchain dedicated to Native Decentralized Finance for Bitcoin. Question 2: What is Decentralized Finance? Answer: B - Decentralized Finance are all types of financial applications without the need of a third party intermediary like a bank Question 3: What are the benefits of #NativeDeFi? Answer: C - Native DeFi is more secure than non-Native DeFi because the consensus happens directly on the native blockchain layer, instead of getting compiled and running through a virtual machine like on Ethereum. Question 4: What are the main ways to earn incredibly high yields with DeFiChain? Answer: B - Staking and Liquidity Mining offer great and easy ways for anyone to earn block rewards with over 50% yearly returns. Question 5: What is DeFiChain’s Decentralized Exchange? Answer: D - DeFiChain’s decentralized exchange is the cornerstone of most decentralized financial applications in the DeFiChain ecosystem, enabling trading, liquidity mining and more Bitcoin quiz answers: Question 1: A - Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Anyone with an Internet connection can either send or receive it as a form of payment, but it can also be used as a store of value. It is the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency. Question 2: C - The Bitcoin network allows users to send and receive bitcoins in a peer-to-peer manner and without any central authority involved. These transactions are verified by nodes and are recorded as blocks on the blockchain. Miners compete to append these blocks and are given rewards if successful. Question 3: B - Bitcoin transactions are recorded as a chain of blocks, with each block containing a collection of valid bitcoin transactions and a hash of the previous block up to the genesis block in the chain. Question 4: D - PoW, alongside the chaining of blocks, makes modifications of the blockchain extremely hard - hence, making the Bitcoin network secure and less prone to malicious attacks. Question 5: D - All of the above Let me know if you have any questions!

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Welthee referral codes and program details

Invest $50 (currently has to be in USDC on Polygon network - or buy with credit or debit card, but you pay a bit more) and get free $50 in WELT Tokens. Steps: 1. Access referral link on mobile - it will take you to the App page on the mobile device official store (Android or iOS) 2. Install the app 2. Create an account 3. Backup wallet (Polygon) 4. Verify identity (KYC is simple) 5. Buy a minimum of $50 USDC worth of WELT tokens ; Choose to get the current token's worth available directly or get 50% more but gradually released over 12 months. 6. You will need a minimum of MATIC tokens(Polygon) in your wallet to pay for gas fees Welthee operates as a decentralized investment fund that seeks to enable individuals, families, businesses, and governments to create and control wealth even in volatile markets. As a Welthee investor you have full control over your money. Every time you invest, you can decide exactly how much you want to risk and what profits should you expect for the risk level selected. While in a portfolio, your funds are frozen and fully protected. There’s no risk to take. This prevents investors from making rash decisions that could lose them money in the long run Controlling volatility is achieved by grouping risk-averse with risk tolerant investors through smart contracts. Profit and loss are spread and disbursed based on each investor risk's profiles and is unaffected by the portfolio's market performance. Digital asset portfolios are created through a proprietary curating process. After the portfolio weight is designed, a smart contract embedded with price oracles, the curated assets, and the profit target, time limit, and stop-loss parameters is created.

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Hi Network referral codes and program details
Hi Network is a free CeFi crypto-wallet app and exchange. Their native token is called hi dollar and it lives on BSC and Ethereum. They have launched a revolutionary debit card (initially for some countries in the EEA) with many benefits for their token holders. Their token prices is kind of low at the moment, but once the card proves it's viability, I expect the price of the token to skyrocket. 🔶If you find this info useful, please use my nickname, kaijulegends, during the sign-up process. The project looks very promising, it has a good team behind it and it is offering generous rewards to early-adopters. Steps: - From a mobile device, use the provided link to go to the site where you will see links to download the mobile app - Install the app, launch it and go through the signup process - When prompted, use my nickname, kaijulegends - Complete basic KYC lvl1 - In the top-right side on the app screen there in a gift icon which you can tap, answer some random question and get 1 hi dollar - repeat this step every day to stack up the tokens. After 7 days of claiming, you will have to invite a friend to be able to keep claiming. You get 50% of what your invitee claims each day + 50% of what they make from people which they invite. The most attractive features are these: 🔹They have a very attractive loyalty program. Starting from 1000 staked hi dollars you can get a membership. That value alone is about $17 per month. It's amazing that you get that for free. Just 2.5 years of this subscription would cover the currently needed investment amount for the "Green" Membership. You can also currently get a free Blinkist subscription to listen to free audiobooks. 🔹You can claim a free hi-Dollar every day if you invite people and also get 5% reward for every amount of hi they buy with a 1 year lockup! Check the value of a hi dollar on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko. Currently you can use the app to deposit fiat money (SEPA works - free transfers) other cryptos and buy their coin with cards to stake it and get access to their wannabe program; 🔹Every daily referral reward claim you do will be locked-up for 365 days. The hi-Dollars will function as the platform's loyalty token to gain better cashback and rebates. Much akin to CRO on for example! 🔹hi is operated by the hi Foundation, a Singapore-based not-for-profit organization. Their team is devoted to revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure and rethinking how digital services can maximize stakeholder value. It's filled with 80+ members hailing from top firms like Morgan Stanley,, Alibaba Group, Credit Suisse, Tencent and!

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