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P2P Sites I would recommend

Hi, I have been investing in P2P loands for about 4 years. I have made mistakes many beginners have made. I lost some money on platforms that went bust but all in all I got a good ROI from my investments. On this page I will recommend platforms I have invested money in.

EvoEstate referral codes and program details

EvoEstate has turned into being my favorite crowdinvesting Site. I have invested into 90 opportunities and keep adding every month. Here are the things I like: - broad coverage across Europe. There are opportunities listed almost every day. Many of them from Spain, France, Austria and Lithuania but you also find German, Italian and many other opportunities. Compared to Estateguru which I also invest in, this gives you better regional coverage. - they have a great autoinvest feature which you can already use with the minimum investment amount of EUR 100 (used to be EUR 50 until 4 February 21). - EvoEstate distinguishes 4 kinds of opportunities: Loans, Buy to Let, Equity and Alternative loans. I prefer loans but also have some buy to let and one equity opportunity. I try to avoid Buy to let of apartments for AirBnB given the current travel restrictions. Alternative loans are a new category that allows you to invest farming equipment. Note that the first originator in this latest area is very new, so please invest carefully. Again having the choice is great - They rank their loan originators and I would recommend to diversify and focus on the A to B ranked ones. Also check which originator provides collateral in case there are difficulties in loan repayment. Having a first ranked mortgage with a Loan to value around 60 to 70% should give you some additional comfort here but investments on Evoestate are not risk free. - There is a secondary market, unfortunately Evoestate has introduced a 2% Fee for the seller as of 4 Feb 21. It used to be free. A 2% fee is a bit on the high side in my view but still having the opportunity to sell an investment is good and keep in mind Estateguru charges a fee as well. I have been able to sell all unwanted investments (mainly some Housers loans) either at 0 or a 1% discount which was a big relief and made me sleep better. I am still expanding my investment in Evoestate despite the recent changes. If you want to give it a try and receive an extra 0.5% cash back on your investments in the first 6 months feel free to use this referral link hidden-url

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Afranga referral codes and program details
Afranga is a very new P2P Lending site which was just launched in 2021. While many P2P sites are based in the Baltics, this one is based in Bulgaria. When thinking about a new marketplace, the most important question and perhaps the most difficult to assess is trust. is the lending marketplace of Stikcredit which has been in the lending business for about 8 years. Stikcredit has recently issued loans on Mintos, Viventor and Bondster and has now launched ist own marketplace. Their financial results have been quite impressive. Stikcredit ended 2020 with record results achieving 2.3m EUR in net profit up 39% from the previous year. The net profit for Q1 2021 is 0.66m EUR up 22% versus 1Q20. Having a lender achieve substantial profits is extremely important. Please note however that the monthly lending volume at Afranga is still much lower compared to other P2P players. In a recent note (August 2021) they mentioned 5000 loans per month. Afranga’s“About us” page list only a few team members and I wish it would be a bit more informative on relevant business experience of the individual members. The site is very intuitive and you easily can track your account balance, performance and portfolio. Unlike some other P2P sites does not yet have a secondary market which would allow you to sell loans before maturity. But apparently this is a feature Stikcredit is working on. On you can invest in short term loans or instalment loans from Bulgaria. The instalment loans are currently offered at an interest rate of up to 16.4% and a term between a few days and 24 months. At the time of writing there were hundreds of loans to invest in. Short term loans are more rare and have a term from 5 to 30 days. My autoinvest feature did not catch any short term loans so far. All loans come with a buyback guarantee. If a particular loan in which you’ve invested becomes delayed by more than 60 days, Stikcredit will repurchase the loan from you and pay the initial amount plus accured interest. All loans are currently from Bulgaria but there are plans to expand into other countries. All in all is an interesting marketplace with some of the most generous interest rates currently. I would recommend the marketplace for diversifying your P2P portfolio. If you want to test the site and value my feedback please feel free to use my referral code Please invest cautiously and at your own risk.

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