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EasyFeedback referral codes and program details

EasyFeedback "EASYF" ( are creating a new «Proof of Feedback» (PoF) protocol to reward people who provides useful and private feedback to improve the products, services and processes of companies and institutions. The token will interact with their 11 products for consumers and businesses and will require a staking to access to most of them. People from 55 countries have already bought "EASYF". Check out the advantages of buying at this stage in the Tokenomics section and the ratings they have gotten on pages such as: Foundico: 9,1 - IcoMarks: 8,8 - CryptoTotem: 8.8 CoinCheckup: 4,65 - IcoHolder: 4,23 - IcoLink: 4,96 This is the official telegram group: You can use my referral code during the current Sale Phase: EASYF8p8A2sQ4 and you will receive an additional bonus of 2.5% on the amount of the purchase you carry out and I will also receive a similar bonus. Do your own research (DYOR) and if you are interested, you can fill in the EasyFeedback token Whitelist form: and when it’s your turn to buy, use the referral code I’ve given you.

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