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Hardbit referral codes and program details

Referral Panel Short Link hidden-url Promocode df626d5d Advantages - If you invite a user with a promotional code and this referral is unique, then he will have a bonus of +500-1500 satoshi and +1HardBitToken - After registering with your link, the user for life becomes your referral and brings you income from his purchases and mining. - Your percentage: 1.For purchases Gh/s = 5% 2.From PoS Mining = 10% 3.DiceGame = 0.222%/bet (1.You get a percentage of the purchase of "HASH", if your referral buys GH/s you will receive 2.5% of the purchase amount in coins and 2.5% of the number of GH/s 2.If your referral uses PoS mining, you get 10% of his income. 3.Your referral must make a bet of more than 5% of his balance and you will receive 0.222% of his stake..)

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