!!! 2,000 Points = $2.00 TOWARD ANY GIFTCARD !!! use code 2HRD99

@f0xylady + Fetch

Download the app using my link or code 2HRD99, scan ANY receipt and be on your way to earning free gift cards!!!! I love Fetch for many, many reasons; But the simple, short version is this- YOU GET PAID TO SNAP A PHOTO OF A RECIEPT YOU WERE ALREADY GOING TO KRINKLE UP IN YOUR POCKET AND CARRY AROUND POINTLESSLY, ANYWAY! You get 25 reward points (that are generously rewarded, I may add) for just taking a single pic of your receipt and submitting it. 25 Points is equal to $.25/USD (one Quarter). That may not seem like much but they have gift cards available for as little as 5,000 Points (which is $5 all the way across the board, no matter which GC you choose). You can earn more points per receipt for shopping for item that are promoted or partnered with Fetch, also! (Huggies, Shea Moisture, Pantene, Suave, Ruffles, Colgate, Cheerios, Tropicana, Frito's, Pepsi, Gatorade, Dove, Lysol, Kleenex & so many more)

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