$250-4ME, $250-4U

Cameron + Instacart Shoppers

ATTENTION ALL SAN DIEGO RESIDENTS, DON’T MISS THIS UP! YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!!! Sign up as as shopper in San Diego County, complete 30 batches in 30 days as a full service shopper and I will get $250 and you will get $250. This is on top of the money you will make by being your own boss and delivering 30 batches while earning base pay and tips. I do Instacart full-time and love it. I also invest in Crypto and have more than $1K BTC. Sign up as an Instacart shopper and hustle so we can both become rich. I am also into affiliate marketing. That is what this is. Let’s get rich together. Hustle with me, don’t work a W2, don’t use the USD. Bitcoin is the looking glass and Instacart gives you capital to utilize it. Don’t be the naive sheep! Sign up with my code: SWAMDC0492

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Cameron is smart! 😏

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