You will receive half the value of your first purchase back.

@Capser123454321 + Uplandme

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase (half of the value back) hidden-url How it works, sign up with my code buy currency to purchase land. Get half the amount back in currency of up to $100 purchase. In example spend upt $100 and get up to $50 extra automatically. Land purchases floor prices rising daily as more people join also offramp to fiat is available after 30 days ownership.

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Casper 🎤

Nft land purchasing world. Own land to earn and buy more of the virtual world. Nft plots owned have offramp back to fiat currency with expanding floor prices. Buy sell trade different locations. Buy up to $100 and get half of it back in in-game currency.

2 years ago

Joshua is smart! 😏

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