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Verse referral codes and program details

Great 5€ Deal! Real Money! Invite friends to Verse and get 5€ each It works and it's real money! The Verse App is very useful. You can transfer money to Verse friend within seconds. And this time I invite you. Please enter PROMO code manually in the App. Please follow the steps below to get 5 euros or equivalent as a reward. Stay safe and good luck with Verse! Here is my PROMO: QDNZ7C 1. Top up Verse for 5€ 2. Enter my PROMO from the Profile (!!!) menu 3. Make a payment for 5€ to any person on Verse 4. Get a 5€ as a reward for star using Verse 5. Be happy! 😄

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Curve referral codes and program details

Hey, sign up with this promo code and we'll both get to spend anywhere! Find my referral link below or enter in the app manually. We will both get paid after you have started using your credit card. So, please get a plastic one or use virtual with Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Then go to a shop and buy some candies 😄 And stay safe, of course. Hope COVID-19 will disappear soon. Wishing a great day! Promocode: DL3WYXYE hidden-url

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Bunq referral codes and program details

Hi, I'd like to invite you to Bunq, bank of The Free. They'll help you save time, money, and the environment. We'll each plant 10 trees if you accept this invite to open a bank account 🌳🌳🌳! Accept my invite here: hidden-url

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Alekss is smart! 😏

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