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I’m a 💯 % Real Person Right here & I will only post Referrals I personally have used

I’m Active Duty US NAVY working in Aviation. I love free things and coupons . Cause who doesn’t love free money and discounts especially in a time like this. ☀️ here’s a little sunshine for your day 😊

Pocket7Games referral codes and program details

******* CODE is: 7RqKG8P ******* if YOU DO have the app downloaded on your phone use the code above ( 7RqKG8P ) as follows: • go in the app, • click on the deposit tab( shopping cart icon) , • click ‘CODE’ tab you see at the bottom (you might need to scroll) , • enter the provided code ( 7RqKG8P ) •it will then apply your 1st and 1 of 8 Bonuses , • immediately make that smallest deposit you can or want to and you get your bonus plus a bonus of cash each day for 7 days your play a single game and on the 7th day you get another $10 ** If YOU DO NOT have it downloaded use the link^^^ ••• then follow the same instructions as listen above ^^^. Thank you:) To download the app and get $20 dollars with first small deposit . Get $2 for logging in each day and playing only 1 game for 6 days **On DAY 7 when you login and play a game you get another $10 bonus completely free!!! 😊

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Albert referral codes and program details

We can both make $20 actual free cash by using the link to sign up! I love this app no joke. It manages everything in one place, it over sees all banks / cards / credit card and even loans I have linked in the app. I can also invest , and have multiple savings accounts at once . It’s helping me close in on my financial goals with help from the geniuses at Albert. “Try it for yourself! Sign up with my link and you'll get free cash.”

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Miranda is smart! 😏

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