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Avive is a blockchain project committed to building a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem without relying on funding from VCs and investors. This approach allows for more organic growth and development, free from the pressure of meeting external investors' expectations. 1. Without relying on VCs and investors, the Avive team can focus on building a solid foundation and delivering value to the community. This encourages a more decentralized and community-driven ecosystem, where decisions are made based on the needs of the users, rather than the interests of investors. 2.By not relying on external funding, Avive can focus on long-term development instead of short-term financial returns. This approach enables us to have more control over the direction and vision of the project and prioritize building a sustainable and impactful project. 3. Going without external funding from VCs and investors allows Avive to build strong partnerships and collaborations with other projects and organizations in the industry. This leads to a more diverse and interconnected ecosystem, with a greater potential for innovation and progress.

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