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With my link you get a 💲 20 Euro bonus 💲. ➡️ Do the identity verification. ➡️ Deposit 500 Euro. ➡️ Create an autoinvest Scheme (see below). ➡️ Let the autoinvest invest the money. ➡️ The bonus will be available shortly after. ➡️ As soon as everything is invested turn off the autoinvest (click "stop"). ➡️ wait until the credits are paid back and withdraw your 570 Euro. Wait, why 570 and not 520? Because of the interest! 🤑 You can keep reinvesting your money and earn more interest as a passive income. 🌎 The website accepts investors from EEA (EU and associated countries). 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Twino is a p2p-credit platform. You lend your money to other people and they pay you back with interest. The interest is between 10 and 14 % APY. Here, you invest in single credits, by hand or by an autoinvest. A big plus is, that Twino has a secondary market, which means, that when you want to withdraw your money, but it is still invested, then you can sell your shares of the credits to other investors. Here is how an autoinvest can look like: 115 Euro. 5 Euro per loan. 10-40 % interest rates. 1-24 months term. All countries. All loan types. Buyback and PG are activated (Twino pays you if a borrower doesn't pay back). Ventures can be active as well (no buyback, but still secured by mortgage or similar). Current loan status. I would not include currency exposure - it would not matter if you were a long term investor, but if you are here only for the bonus then this is unnecessary volatility. Do not reinvest, else it takes longer until you can withdraw your money. However, if you want to stay for the passive income, then I would suggest to increase the "Your investment"-field to 200 Euro and activate the reinvest. If you have questions, feel free to message me.

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