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SerpClix is a Search Engine Optimization platform. People pay you to click their link on google, so that their website gets a better rank. You earn 5 to 10 cents for every click and each click takes around 3 to 5 seconds. Most of the work is actually done by a browser extension. People who sit in front of a computer all day can easily earn 10 to 30 Dollar per month. ➡️ Download the browser extension ➡️ Keep a browser window with the extension in the background while you are at your computer ➡️ When new jobs appear you get a notification from your browser ➡️ Go to the browser window with the extension ➡️ Click one of the jobs - you get redirected to google ➡️ Press CTRL+V ➡️ Scroll down until you see a red bar - click this red colored link ➡️ Go back to what you were doing and leave the window in the background until the timer ends, and start the next job whenever you have time Some hints: 🤓 I run SerpClix on a second browser, so I don't have to change my normal google settings 🤓 It is helpful to set the google preferences to show 100 results instead of the normally shown 20 results. 🤓 If you allow NSFW content to be shown, then you should also turn off the safe search in google (you don't have to watch the websites - I don't even wait until they are loaded before I swap back to my other browser) 🤓 In the right corner is the SerpClix symbol - when it found the correct link on the page it is colored orange - if it remains green, then go to the next page. When you clicked the website, then it shows how long SerpClixs will stay on that website. 🤓 When you don't find the website then click "remove" on the dashboard

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