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Adrian + Cake Defi

❗❗ Due to a dispute with the German regulator BaFin, we Germans are excluded from the referral program. ❗❗ I don't know if you still get a bonus if you use my link. ❗❗ This may change again soon as CakeDeFi is reaching for a European license. I keep my post here, in hope that the issue will be solved soon (last update from me on 19th April 2022). With my link you get the crypto DFI with a value of 💲 30 Dollar 💲. ➡️ Do the identity verification (KYC). ➡️ Deposit cryptos worth at least $50 (i.a. bitcoin or stablecoins). ➡️ Put the crypto into staking/lending/liquidity mining or freezing. ➡️ That's it, your bonus will be ready almost immediately. ➡️ You can withdraw your deposit after 90 days. ➡️ You can withdraw your bonus after 180 days. ➡️ Your bonus is staked meaning that you get additional DFI for it while you wait the 90 days. 🤑 Keep your DFI staked for a passive income. 🤑 You can combine your DFI with other cryptos for liquidity mining. 🤑 You can also lend your cryptos to other users and earn interest on it. 🌎 The website accepts investors from everywhere. ❗❗ You can withdraw your deposit anytime, but if you don't wait 90 days, then you will lose the bonus. 💎 Staking means that you secure a blockchain by depositing the corresponding crypto token. 💎 Liquidity mining means that you give financial liquidity to cake and this liquidity can be used by other users for buying and selling cryptos. You earn a part of the trading fees with your liquidity.

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