25,000 Locked MEX

Daniel + LockedMex.exchange

With this exchange is possible to buy/sell Locked MEX from Elrond Maiar Exchange. How to use the platform? Use the calculator to estimate how much you will receive on your trade. Verify that there is enough liquidity, especially if you want to make a large trade. Send your LKMEX or EGLD to the @lockedmex Maiar herotag or to this Elrond web wallet address: erd1kqmgg29ymeplxgdl7cvqzqxk435kdup9z40ezxvpsqj4vkyj535q9gysau (You can do it from the Maiar App or from your web wallet) Wait around 30 seconds for both your transaction and the payback transaction(s) to execute. You can divide your amount and make as many transactions as you are confortable, start with small ones if you are worried about being scammed. You can also check the transaction history of our wallet here.

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Hey Daniel, Are you sure that I have to send LKMEX or EGLD to the wallet address above to swap it? Who is the owner of the wallet? I know LockedMEx platform has a swap function that do not requre any sending procedure.

2 years ago

Daniel is smart! 😏

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