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Cake Defi referral codes and program details
Cake Defi

Cake DeFi's Offer: When you sign up for a Cake DeFi account and make your first deposit of $50 or more in value (in any currency or cryptocurrency supported by Cake DeFi), you will receive a bonus of $30 worth of DFI. This bonus will be locked up for 180 days in the Freezer and automatically yields staking returns during this time.But that’s not all! Together with the existing $30 first-time deposit bonus as well you can earn a $5 reward by completing our Learn & Earn quiz. How to claim your $35 in bonus: Step 1: Register for Cake DeFi Step 2: Verify your identity (KYC) Step 3: Deposit a minimum of $50

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WorldRemit referral codes and program details

Use my link and transfer stated amount. You will then get a discount coupon which will work on next transaction, for example, €25 discount from €25 transaction :). You can additionally use discount codes 3FREE (3 free transactions) or KEEP10 or EURO10 (free 10 GBP or 10 EUR respectively). Enjoy!

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OKCoin referral codes and program details

OKCoin are one of the first-ever Bitcoin exchanges in crypto, founded in 2013 and they are globally licensed, with offices around the world, including USA, Asia and Europe. They allow both crypto buying and trading, as well a having an 'earn' feature where you can get paid interest on some coins. Small Steps 1. Create your account via referral link 2. After verification, select your deposit/buy method 3. You can either doing it via bank deposit (will have to be EUR, GBP not available) or directly via card (faster, slightly more expensive). 4. Directly via debit card: you can either buy directly, using their "buy" button, where you just select the USD amount you want to buy and then buying. Or you can deposit from the card first to your balance, then use the deposit to trade. Bank transfers: They do not support GBP. So we must deposit in EUR. You can deposit via bank transfer (SEPA). Options would be Nuri, Revolut, Wise or others. I found that using the card works faster/simpler although it has a higher fee (4%). 5. You just have to ensure you trade or buy at least 100$ worth of crypto. Then keep an eye out for a bonus reward that will be added 2-5 days later. Ensure that you buy or trade at least the equivalent or over $100 The $50 BTC reward is added within a couple of days most times, sometimes it takes longer (up to 5 days) Notes: the reward has a lock period of 180 days (while the reward will be locked for withdrawal for 180 days, you can still trade it inside the platform, you can sell it for other crypto or for euros) you can sell your original purchase for EUR and you can withdraw that with no problems back to your bank. There is no deadline on this offer, but they do state it's available for a limited time and it's a great chance to get a good amount of some free BTC.

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Swissborg referral codes and program details

Swissborg is a crypto platform for buying and selling Bitcoin that is currently offering a random prize between 2 EUR and 200 EUR (double bonus for limited time) for making your first 100EUR deposit (can be done with crypto or with FIAT). This is one of my favorites offers in the crypto referrals. This offer is available almost worldwide. The prize is rewarded in CHSB (Swissborgs Cryptocurrency) after you make the deposit and is withdrawable once it is received. Steps: 1. Use Link hidden-url 2. Enter phone number and select 'Claim your free CHSB' 3. Download the SwissBorg app 4. Deposit £100/€100 5. You will receive a 'scratch card' in the rewards section of the Swissborg app

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Gemini referral codes and program details

Gemini is a crypto exchange for mobile + computer which lets you trade a lot of cryptocurrencies. Gemini are doing a referral scheme which gives you $10 in BTC when you sign up with a ref link and trade $100 worth of cryptocurrency. Steps: 1. Sign up using a ref link 2. Verify identity 3. Deposit $100/equivalent into your account via bank or sending crypto. Make sure your deposit is worth $100 or more 4. Buy/Sell $100 worth of crypto 5. $10 in BTC will be added to your account within 48 hours There are not any fees to withdraw since Gemini give you 10 free withdrawals per month If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try my best to help 😊

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BlockFi referral codes and program details

Steps: 1. Sign up using my referral link hidden-url 2. Complete verification (photo ID and selfie). 3. In Blockfi select” Deposit” then e.g. “BTC”. Use the QR code or copy your e.g. BTC address manually. My BTC took around 30 mins to clear in Blockfi. 4. Your $10 Bitcoin will be credited on the second Friday of the month. Either sell or withdraw your crypto (free withdrawal) or leave your crypto accumulating compound interest.

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Bitpanda referral codes and program details

Bitpanda is one of Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency platforms. You can get an easy €15 for depositing and trading only €25/£25, and then do an instant and free withdrawal. Here is how to get your €15 bonus: 1. Create an account using my ref link. 2. Complete the KYC verification. 3. Add at least €25/£25 to your account. It must be a fiat deposit (not crypto). Card deposit is instant and costs a few cents and bank deposit is free but takes longer. 4. Buy at least €25/£25 worth of crypto. I recommend buying BEST tokens. Make sure to use Bitpanda, not Bitpanda Pro. You will get your bonus of €10 immediately after the successful transaction. Use this €10 to buy more BEST tokens. Complete this beginner quiz and receive €5 in BEST. You don't actually need to do a deposit to receive it. Now you can exchange all your BEST tokens for EUR/GBP. You can save a bit on fees if you use Bitpanda Pro. Withdraw your EUR/GBP to your bank account absolutely free of charge. Or, convert your BEST tokens into XLM or another low transfer fee token and withdraw everything to your crypto wallet. Once you have a Bitpanda account, be sure to share your referral link with your friends and family. Both you and they will get €10 each.

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Celsius referral codes and program details

You need to make an initial deposit of $400 to get' $50, bonus will show up as locked for 30 days. After that you can withdraw everything. You can send in supported stable coins to avoid being exposed to volatility. You can also use promo codes ADA40, STABLE10 and STABLE50 to get even more crypto!

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Ledn referral codes and program details

Ledn is a Bitcoin saving account similar to BlockFi and Celsius. Ledn pays 6.25% APY interest on Bitcoin deposits (1 BTC max) and 9.5% on USDC They also offer users the ability to borrow against their Bitcoin for low interest rates. Ledn is based in Canada and is seen by many as the most secure of all the crypto saving account due to their proof of funds audits they complete every 6 months. Instructions: 1. Use the referral link below: hidden-url 2. Verify your identity 3. Deposit at least 75 USDC (take gas or withdraw fee in consideration as well) or 0.0015 Bitcoin 4. Keep the deposit on their platform for at least 15 days 5. Done. You will receive 50 USDC in your account after 15 days since your deposit.

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Binance referral codes and program details

Binance have just released a promotion where you they award new customers up to two mystery boxes containing a maximum of £375 worth of cryptocurrency. This is from their app: Each Mystery Box contains one of the following tokens: BNB, BTC, ETH, BUSD, SHIB, DOGE, XRP, ADA, TLM, ROSE, AMB, CTSI, RAMP, and OM. Each Box contains tokens of up to $500 USD equivalent. The more Mystery Boxes you earn, the greater your chance to win a larger prize. Important Note: You need to complete Identity Verification for your personal account to unlock the Mystery Box. As it can take up to 7 days to process, you are recommended to complete Identity Verification within 7 days after the activity ends in order to claim the rewards. In order for this to be obtained you must be a new member, use the link referral to make an account and: Deposit $50 (1 Box) Trade more than $200 (1 Box) Note that you must complete the first task to unlock the second one. Both referrer and referrals receive the bonus up to a maximum of 20 boxes.

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Abra referral codes and program details

Try out Abra and earn CPRX! Use my unique code: RCY4V2YDL, or link: hidden-url to sign up and earn $25.

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Revolut referral codes and program details

Revolut Ltd is a UK financial technology company that offers banking services including a prepaid debit card, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. The Revolut mobile app supports spending and ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies and sending in 29 currencies directly from the app.

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Vivid referral codes and program details

Vivid Money is a mobile banking app with which you can get heavy cashback for a lot of retail stores, Netflix etc. A unique feature is the stock reward, so the cashback you get is coupled to a stock you can choose. Whether it’s payments, transfers, high-interest saving accounts, multi-currency accounts for your travels, spendings reports, split bills — with Vivid, managing all your finances and investing your money is easy, flexible and 100% transparent.

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OZC Smart Chain referral codes and program details
OZC Smart Chain

OZC Smart Chain is a new generation of Blockchain platform using the multilayered O-DPoS consensus algorithm, ability to quickly process transactions at near zero cost.

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Luno referral codes and program details

My link provides 15 EUR Sign up using the invite code (GW2AXK) and you’ll both receive EUR 15.00 worth of Bitcoin when you deposit money into your Luno wallet and buy or sell Bitcoin to the value of EUR 250 (Luno exchange not included).

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Nexo referral codes and program details

Hi. In order to receive 25 USD in bitcoin, you need to deposit 100 USD (or slightly more) and hold it there for 30 days.

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Honeygain referral codes and program details

App that uses your spare internet connection and rewards you for contributing to the network. Honeygain is a crowdsourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research. The app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies. Is it safe? Yes! Your security is important to Honeygain. And as the queen bee knows her bees, Honeygain knows what every partner uses their network for. Honeygain estimates your approximate earnings based on the GB you share with the Honeygain network. The more you share, the more you earn!

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Quidco referral codes and program details

Earn hundreds of pounds cashback every year shopping at over 4500 retailers with one of UK's top cashback sites.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase is the world's most trusted place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

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aliexpress referral codes and program details

The Amazon of China offers everything and anything, especially in bulk. It's growing quickly worldwide. Passion shouldn't cost a fortune. On AliExpress, shop online for over 111 million quality deals. AliExpress is Alibaba's online consumer marketplace for international buyers.

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Freebitcoin referral codes and program details

Freebitcoin (AKA Freebitco) is a website that allows you to earn money in bitcoin currency. is a Bitcoin "Faucet" website that allows you to win up to $200 in free Bitcoins every hour.

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TopCashback referral codes and program details

Earn cashback and save money when you shop at over 5000 retailers both online and in-store. TopCashback is a British cashback website with dedicated sites for markets in the United States, India, China, Japan and Germany.

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Monese referral codes and program details

Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional.

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Xendpay referral codes and program details

Their revolutionary Pay What You Want transfer fees makes sending money home cost-effective. No hidden charges. Competitive exchange rates. Xendpay is a money transfer service that allows users to send money overseas to the bank account of the recipient.

Check out Xendpay referral codes and program details

Giving Assistant is a Charitable Loyalty Platform that nonprofit supporters can use while shopping online to make their shopping experiences more rewarding. They’ll earn cash back from their purchases (as much as $700 a year or more) and they can keep that cash, or donate it to nonprofit organizations they value.

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Rakuten referral codes and program details

Rakuten, Inc. is a Japanese e-commerce company based in Tokyo. Shop through Rakuten at your favorite stores & earn Cash Back on your purchases.

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TransferGo referral codes and program details

TransferGo is a digital remittance solution for migrant workers. TransferGo offers online money transfers to over 200 countries.

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Wise referral codes and program details

Formerly called TransferWise, Wise is an online money transfer service. Receive money with international account details, and track your transactions with notifications on your phone.

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Honey referral codes and program details

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. It is also linked with PayPal

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Curve referral codes and program details

Connect your cards to Curve and Enjoy a whole new banking experience. One Interface. One Curve card. A whole new world - real-time notifications, Zero Fx, 1% Cashback, and even "time travel".

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