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Kryptomon referral codes and program details

Pokémon and Tamagotchi shaped entire generations, we grew up playing with those digital monsters. We care about them as if they were really alive, and we spent hours and hours to join that world and play with our creatures. Kryptomons are digital collectible monsters built on the BSC blockchain. They can be bought by using our dedicated BEP20 Token (KMON). Breed with other players to create new eggs with exciting traits and new levels of power. At launch, 10,000 unique eggs will be stored in a smart contract on the BSC blockchain.

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Farsite.Club referral codes and program details

What is it? Farsite is a blockchain-powered sandbox MMO RTS game with elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting based on a post-apocalyptic story. EARLY ADOPTERS CAMPAING Every participant of the MoonCryptoPolis project will be eligible to receive Credits (FAR Tokens) Credits will be claimed in several stages, the first one starting with Preorder launch 31 May 2021.

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Uplandme referral codes and program details

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase hidden-url

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Freebitcoin referral codes and program details

I send back 50% of comissions to the referee. I can help you setting up a chrome extension which does the free rolling each hour and subscribes for additional RP/roll. Captchas need to be disabled tho

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Coinbase XLM referral codes and program details
Coinbase XLM

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems and people. Learn how it works and you'll earn XLM.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase is the world's most trusted place to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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Unikrn referral codes and program details

Crypto, Gaming, Betting Sports, video games, raffles and a full online casino. Earn UKG by playing games, betting or simply challenging your friends or others.

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