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All legit, no min referrals etc. Just beneficial to everyone. #Meta#Defi#Trading#NFT#Crypto etc etc etc

All easy earning faucets, F2P and P2E games, Metaverse, Defi, Web3, NFT, Staking, Liquidity and a few trading platforms with bonusses, Ai trading, stocks, CFD etc. No MLM scams. No investments or HYIPS, except for trading, obviously you need to invest to trade etc, but many of my links come with bonusses and are achievable and tradable bonusses, keep profits. These are platforms I am interested in and learning more everyday! Come share knowledge!

dutchycorp referral codes and program details

Different ways to earn Autoclaim Tokens. Auto Faucet, Never ending free Crypto with no out-of-pocket. Multiple ways of earning cryptos. staking, gpu miner, cloud miner

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Swash referral codes and program details

INCENTIVISED DATA FLOWS FOR WEB 3 DATA SOLUTIONS Reimagining data ownership Sign up for the latest updates from Swash Incentivise As an incentive system, ecosystem actors will be rewarded with Swash tokens in return for their participation. As demand for SWASH will increase alongside network adoption, generated value may be used to balance the token supply, likely through periodical token 'burning'. Swash Tokenomics Swash tokens are the native tokens for the Swash ecosystem. We denote Swash tokens by the ticker symbol, SWASH. These tokens have multiple uses within the Swash ecosystem as both a utility and a governance token and are a unit of exchange for buying or selling Swash data or services. TOKEN SYMBOL SWASH INITIAL CIRCULATION 54,000,000 (5.4%) INITIAL PUBLIC SALE PRICE US$ 0.09 TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 kucoin gateio outlier ventures chainlink streamr ocean iotex boson parsiq fractal big data protocol adshares permissionio amasa tapmydata wedf dppa crunch defiants dfg jsquare titans one_world ellipti minted lab gains associates everse lvt capital bixin walsh wealth data hive

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Pionex referral codes and program details

Firstly, you have to use the link in order to receive rewards and my share of rebates:) Pionex Affiliate Program v2 By inviting friends to join Pionex through your exclusive invitation link and code, you can earn generous commission rewards when they trade in Spot (Margin), Futures, Structured Earn, or Spot-Futures Arbitrage, etc. 1. Commission rules for Spot (Margin), Futures: When invited friends trade in spot (margin) or futures, you will receive a certain percentage of their trading fees as commission. In addition, your friends can also enjoy the fee discount you set up. At 0:00 on the 1st of every month (UTC), Pionex will comprehensively consider your cumulative number of valid invited users, the number of valid invited users last month, and the trading volume of invited users to determine your basic commission rate for this month. You can allocate a part of the basic commission rate as a friend’s rebate rate, which is their fee discount. (The maximum basic commission rate setting does not exceed 20%) Spot, margin, and futures trading do not distinguish between currency pairs or taker or maker orders and are all eligible for commissions. Note: Valid invited users refer to users who have registered and deposited over 100 USDT. On the 1st of every month, up to 10% of commission rewards will be provided based on your invitation effectiveness on top of your basic commission rate, and the specific rules are as follows: hidden-url are 16 bots that autotrade, I program my own bots and API's and might start a copy trade bot there. so give me, Panda_DragonAK87, a follow! Trade responsibly and this is not financial advice, I would just recommend it for earning on bullish and bear markets.

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Phemex referral codes and program details

Unlimited, they are in the process of their own platform token, pre minting, huge potential!!

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Luno referral codes and program details

Deposit R500, receive 200 on investment plan.

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Global Hive referral codes and program details
Global Hive

Cryptocurrency faucet that pays instantly to external wallet and can be clamed once a day with no catch. Once you have created a Globalhive account, you will need to use a crypto wallet that accepts Zcash If you do not have a Zcash wallet address or Zcash crypto exchange address, you can quickly download the EXODUS wallet on your Mobile or Desktop.

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Horizen faucet referral codes and program details
Horizen faucet

The Horizen faucet gives you free ZEN every day. Horizen is a blockchain technology platform that empowers users to transact and communicate securely through Sphere by Horizen, their flagship application.

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PipeFlare referral codes and program details

For those who are looking to claim free bitcoin and altcoins, it’s a great long-term investment that can spell out strong dividends in the future. However, if you’re unable to get as much bitcoin as you’re looking to buy, you can still claim other types of free crypto. PipeFlare gives you the option to get a free PIVX wallet quickly and easily. You can immediately begin to withdraw funds to your secure ZEC Wallet. PipeFlare has outlined the simple steps involved in creating a reliable crypto passive income. A faucet that lets you claim Zcash tokens directly to your wallet. No need to request for withdrawal. Just download Exodus Wallet and paste the address to your PipeFlare account.

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Biswap referral codes and program details

Receive up to 50%, (but not less than 25%) of my trading fees, farming and swapping fees!

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Roland is smart! 😏

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