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If you're like me you're going to buy it anyway so why not save some money!

With my upcoming Purses and Playdates and increasing presence on social media a lot of affiliate/ambassador possitions come my way. They mainly focus on fashion, beauty and kids. Naturally what I associate myself with is what I personally enjoy. You will never find deals for tools or electronics on my page because I don't knoworcare about either.

instagram.com/pursesandplaydates?utm_medium=copy_link , https://purse-and-playdates.tumblr.com , https://facebook.com/ummazzone , https://pin.it/6A722Db , https://twitter.com/Ulva03758253?s=09 ,

Influenster referral codes and program details

Increase my impact score and.help me get a vox box. Follow for follow. On Influenster you can get samples, couples, participate in campaigns for either money or a complimentary product. If chosen for the highly coveted vox box you get a box of full size samples www.influenster.com/r/8338458 that is my referral link Please help!

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Rewardsfam referral codes and program details

You get $25 just for singing up. Every challenge you do is super easy and you get money for it...Like 50 bucks to run an app for 30s. Refer 7 friends and then you can cash out. Easy money and it works

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Laduora referral codes and program details

A team of entrepreneurial engineers, designers, and industry experts came together to create something better than the industry standard could provide. Providing premium self-care devices and products to help you look and feel good every day! Filling a gap in the self-care industry for luxurious, premium quality, state-of-art, yet affordable devices and products, such as cutting edge VELVE rejuvenating facial wand, facial serum, LISS facial massager. Clean is a lifestyle. Ethically sourced ingredients, All LADUORA® products contain none of the questionable-for-your-health ingredients commonly found in conventional beauty products. That does NOT mean it does not perform. It simply means more time and effort has been put into consciously creating the formulations so that they do not harm you or the environment.

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Poshmark referral codes and program details

Follow the link and use the code ULVA_MAZZONE to me credited $15. As a bonus I too will get $15

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Hello Fresh referral codes and program details
Hello Fresh

Take advantage this expires in 8 days. I give you $100 and I get $60! Hello Fresh is awesome so treat both of us and use the link

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GoodFood referral codes and program details

Goodfood is a Canadian online grocery subscription service delivering meal kits, read-to-cook meals, and grocery products to your door each week.

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Just strong referral codes and program details
Just strong

A female activewear company carrying a strong message of female empowerment. Not just strong for a girl, Just Strong. Items are high-quality, stylish, and true to size. The women who own Just Strong are very supportive and it feels like more of a family vibe.

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INS referral codes and program details

It is an online store with a wide variety of female apparel. They are clothes for 18-year-olds and for the club. Clothes for women in their 20s and 30s. Office wear that is cute.

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Boss Lux fashion referral codes and program details
Boss Lux fashion

An online store for men and women. Boss lux sells second hand high-end luxury brands. Boss Lux Fashion has selected more than 200 Italian boutique partners through our invitation-only program that selects from a database of designer brands’ authorized retailers.

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RSERO referral codes and program details

An online boutique. You can buy clothes, heels and glasses on the site but they specialize in purses. If you love purses you will love RSERO. RSERO just added a men's collection too.

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