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@tier4totier1 + Pi Network

Best mining app though you would say that the e-currency is not in the market yet. But hey this does not waste your time, does not suck your mobile battery or memory, available on the playstore. Then what will you loose if just give it a chance. If the currency got hit you will make some good profit but if not then you won't loose anything.

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@tier4totier1 🎤

Pi has reached 10M+ users and proudly the biggest crypto community in the world right now. Do not miss the future money join today cause the mining speed is already reduced. Do not think this a scam service. Right now Pi has started to work on the mainnet. If you consider this a scam then think what you are losing with this app nothing. You just have to make one click every 24 hours to prove that you are a human and not a bot so the people who try to abuse sites by opening multiple accounts will face problems. To be bold IF YOU CAN'T MAKE ONE CLICK EVERY 24 HOURS THEN YOU CAN NEVER EARN ONLINE.

2 years ago

ALI IRFAN is smart! 😏

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