Bitcoin Minimum withdrawal 50,000 coins and Doge is 30,000

@tier4totier1 + Cointiply

Overall rating 3. Features of this GPT,PTC site are: ..............................................................Warning site has PLAY THE MULTIPLIER game but don't waste your hard earned coins by using that. 10,000 Cointiply coins = 1 USD Site has gained a big users range too quickly. Cointiply tweets 1 promo code per week to get extra coins which is normally limited to first 10,000 users and from last three weeks I entered the promo just after 6 to 8 hours and was told by the system that the promo has ended. Standard mode (Free mode) You earn coins by doing offers, clicking links (no need to keep the advertisement tab active) and playing in browser flash games (though I never got success to earn any point by playing games). These links are normally referral pages of other Cointiply users. Site has offerwalls like TheoremReach, YourSurveys, ADGEM, OfferToro, TapResearch, Adscend Media, AdGateMedia,, WANNADS (I am from Pakistan so can only access certain offerwalls) Advertisement click rates range from 6-20 coins and rates depend on advertisement time 5-30 seconds. Daily you have to click 20 to 30 links and if above mentioned offers are available for your country then you can earn from those as well. In the final stage of every clicked advertisement after time runs out the site confirms that you are human by showing you 4 pictures and asks you to click the one mentioned in the text. I mean site's captcha is quick and does not bother. Site has a faucet too which you can use once every 12 hours. Faucet normally gives 10 coins but on prime numbers it gives 17 coins. Site counts your daily activity as a loyalty level and it gradually increases. Referral Information Referral Payouts: Referral commissions are paid once per day, shortly after midnight GMT. You can see how much you've earned each day in your Activity. You can also track your referral earnings in real time on your Referral page. Rule & Details Simply refer users to Cointiply using your custom referral link. They will be automatically tracked and attributed to you if they sign up any time within 30 days. You will earn 25% of every referrals faucet claims FOR LIFE. You will also earn 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send. Referrals on the same device or in the same household are NOT allowed and will not be counted as referrals. IMPORTANT: Invalid, fake or duplicate referrals WILL NOT be counted. Your account may be terminated and all Coins forfeited if you are found to be sending invalid referrals. We have automated measures to detect and prevent invalid referrals. You've been warned. Preferred Partners Have a large following on social media, or a high traffic website? Contact us to see if you qualify for our preferred partner program & earn even more from your referrals. You can become premium too in 17,000 points for one month and 170,000 points for 1 year. You get as a premium user: No popup advertisements. No hover / slide in advertisements. Boost your maximum CointiPlay wager to 200,00 Coins. Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset. Early access to new features. Premium support. Premium badge and access to premium only chat room. Many more premium perks coming soon! Don't have enough coins for a premium account? No problem. You can buy an entry into the premium account reward pool. Every entry costs 340 Coins. When the pool reaches 100% (the cost of a premium account) a random user will be selected and that user will receive a premium account for 1 month. You can create a PTC (Paid to Click) advertisement and purchase traffic for any website that does not break our rules. After your purchase is complete and your ad is approved, Cointiply users will view your website for the amount of time you have chosen. Every time a user views your ad they will receive a small number of Coins. You can purchase PTC ads with your main Coin balance, or you can Deposit Bitcoin to add Coins to your balance. Advertisement Guidelines No URL shorteners No illegal products or services (weapons, drugs, escorts etc.) No malicious websites or frame breakers / frame busters. No malware, viruses, spyware or ransomware. No infinite redirect loops. No browser locking scripts or other attempts to hijack the browser. No copyright infringing material. No x-rated adult content. Advertisement cost depends on view timing, Geo-targeting and making it featured on the advertisement page.

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