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Fundraising for a cat sanctuary/rescue

Hi everyone, . I was recently introduced to cryptocurrency exchanges and quickly noticed how many out there use referral marketing to gain new customers with signup bonuses to encourage new customers to try their services. This provides their potential customers an excellent opportunity to test out cryptocurrency without risking any of their own money. . Having signed up to many of these and noticed they also pay the referrer, I thought I'd try this as a fundraising method for a local cat sanctuary/rescue that cares for 11 mostly special needs kitties and some of the ferals/strays as well. If I find there's any interest, I'll continue posting a larger variety of links to take advantage of. . I strive to provide high quality links with good instructions and any tips I find available. Each link starts with a clear title of the major benefit of the referral and/or service.

Coinberry referral codes and program details

November 2021 - Bonus below has been increased to $40 for both of us. This is a limited time offer with no stated end date as of yet. . FREE MONEY - DEPOSIT AND TRADE $50 FOR $20 BONUS . Sign up, pass KYC/AML verification, fund your account, and make a single trade of $50 CAD minimum value. . A quick point of note: If you plan on signing up and withdrawing your funds immediately, they have a minimum $100 withdrawal amount, so you'll want to fund your account with at least $110 to safely cover any fees and market dips while swapping back and forth for the trade. . Also note, they lock withdrawals for 24 hours after the first funding as part of their AML policies. . As with all of my links, referral fees go towards the care of rescue cats and the local ferals. . Thanks!

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CoinSmart referral codes and program details

SPECIAL PROMOTION IN APRIL 2021 Coinsmart is running a promotion which provides additional referral bonus. Should you sign up and verify during the promotion period, send me a message with your wallet address for XML, XRP, TRX, or GAS and I'll send a bonus of $10 in crypto to you on top of the $15 CAD signup Coinsmart provides. ------------------------------- Regular Promotion Instructions and Cautions: . After getting verified,. you'll need to deposit $100 CAD of fiat/regular currency, to qualify for the reward. Cryptocurrency won't work for this one. . A couple things to note with this offer: 1) The minimum $15 withdrawal fee they have for fiat currency. In order to get your money out unscathed, I highly recommend the purchase of XLM or XRP and to transfer your funds out as cryptocurrency for under a penny instead. You could even do this to fund another sign up offer that accepts crypto as the deposit, such as Newton. . 2) Do not enter any promo codes during sign up. They overwrite the referral, not add to it. Found this out the hard way and cost me half an hour of back and forth with their live chat to get it 80% fixed. . As always, all referral fees I receive from this site will go towards the care of rescue cats and the local feral/strays. The kitties thank you 😊

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Blockchain Cuties referral codes and program details
Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is a new collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike. Each cutie is unique and 100% belongs to you. You get to collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, arm them and even level them up!

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Binance referral codes and program details

SPECIAL SIGN UP VALID UNTIL MARCH 11, 2021 . Sign up and purchase at least $50 USD in crypto and get a $5 cash voucher that's redeemable in BUSD, Binance's USD stablecoin. Also get a 5% discount on all trading fees. . For terms and conditions please copy and paste the following article title into your browser: Binance Fiat Invite Program: Invite a Friend, Share 10 BUSD Rewards

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Shakepay referral codes and program details

FREE MONEY - $30+$10 BONUS FOR $100 TRADE . Sign up, complete ID verification, deposit $100 worth of funds and trade $100 in crypto to claim the $30 reward. Immediate withdrawal of funds and bonus allowed. . My reward as referrer goes towards fundraising for a local cat sanctuary/rescue. . $30 increased reward is a limited time offer with as of yet no specified end date. . For an extra $10 send me a PM on this site and once I receive my referral fee I'll send you the extra.

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Sense chat referral codes and program details
Sense chat

FREE CRYPTO & MINING - SIGN UP FOR 100 SENSE . Sense Chat is an in development crypto based chat system that includes searchable user generated public chat channels. It also includes a mining function to mine SENSE just by checking in on a daily basis.

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Initiative Q referral codes and program details
Initiative Q

FREE CRYPTO - SIGN UP & REFER . Currently they're allocating around 1000Q for sign up and another 1000Q per referral up to 5. There are other further tasks you can complete for a current (as of Jan 23, 2021) total of around 13000Q. Further info on the project below. . Their info text: . Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of payment cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There's nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn't want to miss this. This link will stop working once I’m out of invites. Let me know after you registered, because I need to verify you on my end.

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GoPeer referral codes and program details

PEER LENDING PLATFORM - MAKE FIRST PAYMENT ON $1000+ LOAN OR INVEST $1000+ FOR $30 SIGNUP BONUS . goPeer is a Canadian platform that matches private person lenders with borrowers. Lenders get to choose their comfort level of risk (better interest rates on more risky loans) and borrowers tend to get better rates on loans due to the lack of institutional overhead. . Borrowers require a 600+ credit rating and a debt to income ratio less than 35% to be considered for a loan. . As with all my listings, referrer fees go towards the care of rescue cats and the local ferals. . Thanks!

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Mogo referral codes and program details

FREE MONEY - $20 TO SIGN UP AND OPEN BITCOIN ACCOUNT, SPECIAL OFFER MARCH 2021 . Sign up for a Mogo account which offers a number of services including free credit scores, anti-fraud monitoring, and personal loans then activate your Bitcoin account for a free $5 to start trading with.

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CoinStats referral codes and program details

FREE SERVICE UPGRADE - 3 MONTHS . Download CoinStats - Crypto Portfolio Manager with my link. and get 3 months of free PRO. . After a good amount of hunting around, I found CoinStats was the best crypto tracker and portfolio manager that I could find.

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Pi Network referral codes and program details
Pi Network

FREE CRYPTO (PRE LAUNCH PROJECT) . Please make sure you enter my referral code (shinotenshi1977) after installing the app so we both get a 25% boost to our mining, which equates to over 4 extra Pi per week. . Pi is a crypto project that focuses on making it accessible to the everyday person. You can mine for Pi directly through your cellphone. They are currently still developing the ecosystem and blockchain, so it's anyone's guess what the tokens are going to be worth in the future. Only requires opening the app once per day to click on a button to keep the mining going, so I think it's worth the minimal effort for the potential return if the project ends up working out. . Thanks!

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BlockFi referral codes and program details

FREE MONEY FOR DEPOSIT & HOLD FOR PERIOD . SPECIAL PROMOTION UNTIL DECEMBER 31: . Deposit $350 USD value of cryptocurrency by December 31 and maintain at least a $350 USD value of cryptocurrency until 2021/01/31 23:59:59 UTC to qualify for the $50 USD sign up bonus to be paid out February 14. . +++++++++++++++++++++++++ . STANDARD PROMOTION: . Deposit cryptocurrency funds and hold them for at least three months with the period ending on the 15th of the month. The following bonuses will be paid out for the following amounts being held as a minimum for the full period: . $25+ USD held for $15 bonus $250+ USD held for $20 bonus $1000+ USD held for $40 bonus $5000+ USD held for $75 bonus $10000+ USD held for $150 bonus $20000+ USD held for $250 bonus . As with all my referrals, referral fees will go towards the care of rescue cats and the local ferals/strays.

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Swissborg referral codes and program details

RANDOM (READ BELOW, LIKELY REBATE ON SERVICE) . Swissborg Wealth App offers some unique features I've not found elsewhere yet. Upon making the 50 Euro minimum deposit, you will be rewarded with a Reward Ticket randomly worth between 1 Euro and 100 Euro in Bitcoin. . Any referral fees gained from this referral will go towards the care of rescue cats. Thanks!

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Bitbuy referral codes and program details

FREE MONEY - $20 FOR $250 FIRST DEPOSIT . After sign up and verification, make a first deposit if at least $250 CAD. Deposit must be done in one shot and must be in CAD funds, cryptocurrency will not count. . $20 sign up bonus for you and my $20 referral fee will be going towards fundraising for the care of rescue cats.

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Newton referral codes and program details

FREE MONEY - $25 BONUS FOR $100 TRADE . Newton is a no fee cryptocurrency trading company which makes their money off the difference between buy and sell. . To claim the bonus you'll need to pass ID verification, deposit at least $100 CAD worth of any currency, and trade at least $100 CAD worth in cryptocurrency. All amounts are immediately withdrawable after the bonus is applied.

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