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hi 😊 sooo.... yea..... 😄

wombles am i right?

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thanks a lot for using my code! :) Tips (for getting money fast): - get 10-100 free coin from the freeskins offerwall every day (depends on your rank, which increases as you earn more) - easily completable surveys can be found from the offerwalls: “yoursurveys” and “revenuewall” - downloading apps for coins can be done through ADGEM (I recommend the “attack a level 2 monster” task, there are tutorials on YouTube you can follow to complete it. I also recommend the tycoon tasks, there are ways people get offline earning by changing the date on their phone, however, as much as I have heard this works, I don’t endorse cheating the system, so use this last tip at your own liability. For more info check my video: good luck, and have fun getting free skins - sam

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TGSampug is smart! 😏

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