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My Money Making & Money Saving Sites

I am a SAHM. My spouse is sight impaired & our son has ASD. I love my family & so I do my best to find whatever I can online that I can share with people that can earn money or that you can help save money with. Referral Reward Programs are a Great Treasure Trove of Extra $$ if you are needing a Side Hu$$Le. If that speaks to you & your situation, then make sure you check out all my posts for different programs. Some require small investments/deposits of usually $5 (if it defaults $10 you can usually change it during the sign up process). Some are just Free from Start to Finish. If you have any questions about any offers I have posted please feel free to message me your questions!

Temu referral codes and program details

Temu has about everything you could think of under the sun you can order & you are going to spend far far less getting it than you will anywhere else. Referral program you can get tickets for spins to get % off & earn Credit in the form of $$ that can be spent on anything on the site for no cost out of pocket. You can also win money paid via Paypal & just so much more. Free to sign up. You don't have to put any personal info in to sign up either. Click the link, install, & sign in & then start shopping. Refer & shop for FREE!!

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Premise referral codes and program details

I earn money for photos and research with Premise. You can download the app and start today! Free to sign up & $5 sign up bonus. $5 referrals & much more. Must download from link, sign up, then complete 1 task in order to trigger the bonus for both of us, $5/$5.

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Greenlight referral codes and program details

Get $150 when 3 people Successfully sign up. They must use your referral link, sign up, & then pay their first month's subscription fee of $4.99. This triggers the bonus of $30 etc. If you sign up & then contact me I will reimburse the $5 fee for your subscription.

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Bella Loves Me referral codes and program details
Bella Loves Me

Just sign up and use your card and you can earn up to 200% cashback with purchases. It’s instant. You’ll be notified once you get cashback. We both get $10 when you use my link. All you do is sign up, that simple.

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Current Music referral codes and program details
Current Music

Earn up to $25 in points per friend plus 5% of their Music Earnings for LIFE!

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Pei referral codes and program details

Give $10, Get $10 When you invite a friend & they sign up & link a card. Can link most any card like Oxygen, Step, Varo, Lili, One, etc. Limit 50 Mobile Only. After you download the app, link a card and spend as you normally would. On top of all the credit card perks, you get additional cash back through the Pei app. It's just an extra way to make some more passive income.

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Digit referral codes and program details

YOU MUST FOLLOW STEPS. IF YOU DO NOT LINK A BANK & FOLLOW THE REST YOU WILL NOT GET THE $5 SIGN UP BONUS! How to Get the $5 Digits Bonus 1.Sign up for digits via the Digits referral Link. 2.Connect a bank account, you can use Step, Chime, etc. (Must have at least enough to make a few cents deposit.) 3.Go to your Rainy Day & set up Autosave of at least $0.01. Set the date for the autosave to the closest date. 4. Once the Autosave is completed, you will receive you $5 Bonus & so will I. 5. Share the app with friend and when they complete the same steps as you did, you both earn $5 bonuses. How The Digits $100 Bonus Works To receive the $100 bonus, use the link that is provided in the bonus page. You must refer 3 friends that complete an autosave (deposit $.01 or more). For the first 2 friends you will receive a $5 bonus deposited into your rainy day fund. For the third friend you will receive a $90 bonus! Digit $250 Referral Promotion Another common promotion is $250 for 5 friends. However, the promotion will appear in the app & you usually have 7 days.

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Brigit referral codes and program details

Give $10, Get $10. When a friend joins Brigit and activates Plus, you'll both earn $10. Click the link above & let's both get a little extra money!

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TapChamps referral codes and program details

Once you sign up and enter the referral code you will get 3000 Diamonds (2999 Diamonds = $10 PayPal Redemption). Once you download a game through the app and play your TapChamps profile to level 3, you should have enough for your first reward. Tip: Sometimes the app offers BOOSTED games. These games earn you more gems, and you will earn at a faster rate than any of the other games. Which will allow you to level up your TapChamps profile and earn rewards even faster.

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Stitch Fix referral codes and program details
Stitch Fix

Invite Friends. Get $25. Invite friends to try us out. Simply create an account, and you receive a $25 credit to use you towards any purchase.

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Steady referral codes and program details

I’m using Steady to find work, earn more money and track my income. Currently the Referral Reward is $5 per invite. To be a qualified invite, simply sign up & then link your bank to your Steady account & then start earning more money & track it. Steady also offers many earning Boosters. "For instance, sign up for Lili through your Steady account & Steady will give you $50 after you deposit $50 on your Lili account."

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Go Henry referral codes and program details
Go Henry

Hey! We're using gohenry, a kids' debit card & financial education app with parental controls—great for learning money skills. Check it out and get $25 + 1 free month when you use this link.

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Acorns referral codes and program details

Acorns is an investing app that takes the spare change from all of your purchases and automatically invest that spare change for you. + INVEST FOR YOUR FUTURE - Invest spare change with automatic Round-Ups™ & set it & forget it with Recurring Investments. Your money is automatically invested into one of their diversified, ETF portfolios, built by experts. + INVEST FOR RETIREMENT - Save for retirement with Acorns's easy IRA options, featuring SEP, Traditional, & Roth plans. In under 2 minutes, they’ll recommend the right plan for you. + INVEST FOR YOUR KIDS - Get Acorns Early, a UTMA / UGMA investment account for kids. Multiple kids included. Custom rewards for families. Invest automatically into a diversified, ETF portfolio, built by experts. + SPEND SMARTER - The only checking account & heavy metal debit card that invests when you spend & automatically invests a portion of every paycheck. + EARN REWARDS - Shop 12,000+ brands that invest in you, search MILLIONS of jobs in their Job Finder, & earn exciting referral bonuses. The more you earn, the more you can save & invest! + GROW YOUR KNOWLEDGE - Custom financial literacy content, powered by Acorns + CNBC, right in your app.

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Oxygen referral codes and program details

Use my link & we both get paid. I get $10 & You get $10 too! Oxygen is an online-only bank (or neobank) that specializes in mobile banking, offering both a personal and business bank account through the Oxygen app.

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Rewarded Play referral codes and program details
Rewarded Play

I’m earning free gift cards! You can too. Join me in this cool app. Get paid to Play!!

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Lili referral codes and program details

I think you'd love Lili - a new bank account designed for freelancers! If you use this code when you create your account, you'll receive a $50 sign up bonus when you start using your card!

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MoneyLion referral codes and program details

MoneyLion's personal loans and easy-to-use tools help you borrow for less while saving more, improve your financial health, and monitor your credit all in one place.

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

Cash App offers a direct deposit option for your incoming checks. This is critical for the upcoming stimulus check to battle financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instantly send money between friends or accept card payments for your business. Cash out to your bank instantly.

Check out Cash App referral codes and program details

ATM is an app designed to help our colony of ants earn micro-income to spend, save, or invest in the stock market through our SEC licensed (Ant Money Advisors) embedded finance tools. You can expect to earn $100 to $1,000 or more per year with the ATM app based on your level of engagement. There are both active and passive earning opportunities including brand feedback, surveys, rewards, cash back, and much more.

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InboxDollars referral codes and program details

For each friend you refer who signs up and activates their account, you can earn $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals. In addition, InboxDollars offers you a way to earn an additional 30% on all qualified earning made by your referral!

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