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Simcash uses unused SMS for : OTP (One-Time-Password) and A2P (Application-To-Person) SMS to other SIM cards. I send +- 200 sms a day and receive 2 euro a day for it. Payout to XRP or Doge is recommended because the fee is then 0 and other options 3 to 15 euros.

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@pflit 🎤

I have already received my first payout on my Doge wallet. I have now run the app for 5 days and receive 2 euros per day for 200 text messages a day. Now my 1000 sms from my bundle have been used up this month and i am waiting for the new month to start. I was skeptical at first because Simcash would charge high fees, but cashing out to your XRP or Doge wallet is completely free. Also, now I know it is used for OTP and I have no problem with that. Now I am going to investigate whether it is profitable to take out a dual sim unlimited sms subscription so that I can send x2 OTP sms throughout the month. I'll come back to this later.

a year ago

@pflit 🎤

I have now had 4 payouts made in Doge. The payouts all came quickly to my wallet. Simcash support is quick to respond via Telegram and is very helpful and answered all my questions.

8 months ago

@pflit 🎤

In the last 10 months I have already had 10 payouts made and so far I have always received the payouts within a day. It is important to update the app as soon as an update is available. By updating, the app continues to run smoothly and you can be sure that the payment requests are received properly.

2 months ago

Peter is smart! 😏

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