$25 - Great for a deposit chain! Personalised instructions.

@peepypopo + Nexo

Official blurb: Unlock the Power of Your Crypto and Earn Up to 17% Annual interest, paid out daily. Borrow Instantly with 38 Cryptocurrencies available as collateral My personal advice for completing this. Step 1: Add Stablecoins (USDC/GBPX/EURX) to the value of $100 (go slightly over) - this can be achieved via direct bank topup for no cost. Step 1.5: GBPx/EURx > Top up > Deposit FIAT via Bank account (FPS or Swift) > Deposit £80 / €95 Step 2: You'll be given $25 worth of BTC (at current prices) When the $25 BTC unlocks after 30 days, sell it back to the stablecoin you used in Step 1 and withdraw back to your bank account. (Use Exchange > Sell > BTC to xxxx) Or keep both in the platform and earn up to 12% on the stablecoin... your call! Note: Using stablecoins drastically reduces the market fluctuations on this offer, meaning it will always be positive (may not be the case with a more volatile Crypto)

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