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Looking for easy ways for extra income.

Hi! I'm from Brazil and looking for ways to make some extra income that don't need a lot of attention. Expect the links I share here to work worldwide in some way.

Honeygain referral codes and program details

One of easiest way to trade idle computing power for money. Sign up with my code and get a $5 bonus! Put that old Android phone or laptop to work for you! I noticed very low cpu impact (and with that low power usage) and the app is very smart to notice when you are using the device or not. Perfect for leaving it on while you sleep! Although it uses your internet data traffic, it seems to be smart to only sip some data, and still leave you with a lot of data to use! Give a try now!

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BlockFi referral codes and program details

Time to make those Cryptos work for you! If your are going to hold your coins for a long period anyway, why not earn a little more in the meantime? BlockFi makes that possible! Interest are payed on a monthly basis with decent rates and you can withdraw anytime you want (just make sure to get your monthly payment first!). There's also a lot of security features in this platform to store your coins, including 2-factor authentication and a whitelist of addresses. SIgn-up now with my code and earn $10 worth of BTC by depositing $100 of any supported crypto and holding it for at least 30 days!

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Packetstream referral codes and program details

PacketStream is the first of its kind peer-to-peer proxy network. Packeters are compensated for sharing bandwidth on the PacketStream network and allowing users all over the world have access to content on the internet through our secure network. Customers can purchase bandwidth and browse the web from residential IPs to protect their browsing privacy.

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getpaidto referral codes and program details

Survey site with 316 games,quick points,offer walls,contest,poker tourneys-free to join,$1,$2,$3,$3,$5.

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Kaian is smart! 😏

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