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These are products and apps that I have tried, and currently using them, or would definitely recommend to a friend.

I believe that any product that I promote, has to be something that I am currently using, or would use in the future. All of the apps on my phone, computer and even websites that I have bookmarked will attest to this. All apps and websites that I promote, I research to make sure that they are legitimate.

Ucraft referral codes and program details

Ucraft is a website builder, that has hundreds of beautiful templates that you can use to create your website, or you can start from scratch. It is a drag and drop website builder, so if you're not a techy person, you will not have a problem creating a website. Bloggers, writers, e-commerce stores, and more can be built using Ucraft. They have great pricing options. They also have a free plan, and a two-week free trial if you decide that you want to upgrade, there is free hosting, free SSL, and a free subdomain. You can also create logos.

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Grab points referral codes and program details
Grab points

Grab points for engagements from advertisers, watching tv, online activities, and referring other people! Freebies are always welcome. It doesn’t matter if it’s food or drinks samples, loot bags containing all manner of items at an event, or just about anything you don’t have to shell out money for. People simply like getting free stuff online and/or in real life.

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Atexto referral codes and program details

This is a remote flexible job. Can be done on your phone tablet or computer. You complete simple tasks like talking as you would usually do, transcribing, answering a few questions, and repeating whatever they tell you to out loud. This is a legitimate website, and has hundreds of proof of payments. When you reach $10.00 you can request payment via Paypal.

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StormGain referral codes and program details

You can mine on your phone (It doesn't drain the battery), tablet, or computer. When you reach the minimum threshold of $20, It is not hard to reach the threshold, but you it will be faster, if you have some of your friends mining with you. You will receive $3.00 in crypto just for signing up with my referral link.

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FeaturePoints referral codes and program details

Feature Points is quite an interesting app discovery system that gets noticed by the multitude of offers and the great rewards. Even more, the interface is simple, intuitive and quite friendly which earns new users every day. Make money and earn rewards on your phone with fun surveys, free games, free-to-play instant win, cash back, and more.

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IPRoyal referral codes and program details

You can make passive income, by installing Iproyal on your phone, laptop, or tablet. When your balance reaches $5.00, you can cashout. The payment methods are Paypal, Bitcoin, or a Visa virtual cards. The more devices you have connected, the more money you make. You will receive a $1.00 signup bonus for signing up with my referral link.

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dutchycorp referral codes and program details

You can make some real crypto online with this website, and it has been around for years! You can watch videos like hideout and loot tv, and earn, paid to click , complete shortlinks, roll and get free coins, stake (invest) crypto to receive more bonuses. You can do social jobs, you receive loyalty bonus. You will not be disappointed when you join.

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WealthyAffiliate referral codes and program details

If you are really looking to create a business online, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you can join Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to create a website, and build a profitable online business step by step. They have loads of training and tutorials, that will help you to create your business, whether you are a blogger, or would like to create an online store. I recommend anyone to join. You can start for Free. Free is 10 video tutorials, and the Paid plans are unlimited training and video tutorials, and live training to get you on your way to help you to begin generating income. The Wealthy Affiliate Program is not a get rich quick scheme, but to help you achieve long term success. As a referral, if someone joins through your link, you will receive 1.00 per lead --it's called credits on Wealthy Affiliate. You will receive 2 credits once their profile is completed. If they decide they want to upgrade to the premium plan, you would then receive your monthly commission of $49.00 a month or yearly commission $495.00

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