see in post iys alot of things

@kdizzy12 + Ecoin

Earn 300 Ecoins (previously 1000) plus 25 lottery tickets for signup and 300 Ecoins (previously 1000) with 25 lottery tickets for referring your friends. Each lottery ticket can earn upto 10,000 Ecoins 🙂 Going forward, For every person that signs up and earns 300 free Ecoins ( worth $3.3 ), Ecoin foundation will donate 75 Ecoins ( worth $0.5 ) to a charity of your choice. Simply refer 5 friends & earn 2000 Ecoins (worth 18$) probit Signup before the timer ends to earn extra 75 Ecoins (previously 250). Also if you like menentonit to me and ill get a bunch more air drops. Honestly it a mad house at first

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Kevin is smart! 😏

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