$1,900 (Varies by Location)

@johnmego + Uber Driver

Use my link OR copy/paste my code when signing up: JOHNM172134UE John invited you to earn with Uber. Earn guaranteed wages and/or bonus cash (varies by location). Current Seattle promotion earns at least $1,900 guaranteed for your first 200 trips taken in Seattle within 90 days of signing up.

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Hey, i need someone’s Full name, email address, and phone number along with your Uber driver referral code for us both to receive the referral reward

4 years ago

@johnmego 🎤

@Jettison: Are you sure this is the case? Checking your profile, it appears you already have an account that you're also referring. And when I tried my own referral link - incognito - it appears you only need to sign up with my referral code which is auto-populated. My referral code, btw, is JOHNM172134UE . If I'm misunderstanding, please feel free to private message me so we can discuss further.

4 years ago

Jjmego is smart! 😏

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