$1 + $1 Referrals!

@johnmego + Bumped

Bumped will always hold a special place in my heart... because, it's the app I signed up for just before my phone started blowing up with "imminent danger" tornado warnings! #iamnotinkansaswtf Now that I THINK it's safe to leave the basement, who would like to be my first signups and get in on some great bonuses? 👉🏿 bumped.com/sign-up/?ref=5a47a24d 👈 ✔ $1 signup bonus! ✔ $1 referral bonuses! ✔ No deposit requirement! ✔ Usually instant, but can take about an hour for your account to be approved, then the bonus reflects in your account.

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Just used it

7 months ago

@johnmego 🎤

Hey Mary! TYVM!

7 months ago


Hi there. Just signed up. Waiting for account to be approved.

6 months ago

John is smart! 😏

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