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Heptabase referral codes and program details

Heptabase is a visual note-taking tool designed for learning complex topics. It employs a unique approach to organizing notes, ideas, and research through a combination of whiteboards, mind maps, and sections. This tool is particularly beneficial for users who need a visual method to understand and organize their thoughts and learning. One of its standout features is the handling of PDFs, allowing for in-app highlighting, note-taking, and efficient organization of highlighted information on whiteboards. Heptabase is well-suited for deep thinkers, researchers, and anyone involved in complex learning processes, such as project management or brainstorming sessions

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Home Exchange referral codes and program details
Home Exchange

I got 1550 GP in total (1300 from home exchange + 250GP with my link)

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readwise referral codes and program details

60 days free of use(30 original + 30 with my links) Trust me, getting used to readwise required more than one month of usage.

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Wen-Shiuan is smart! 😏

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